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On our way back from our first camping experience at Newnes campground, we immediately planned for another brief outing. It was an outright opportunity to spend quality time as a family since Dada will be going overseas for work and before Marshall gets busy at the big school. We didn’t waste much time and quickly arranged our itinerary to the North Coast.

It was our first time to go North and the first thing that comes out to my mind is the camel ride at Port Stephens.

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The weather was 37 degrees then, and it was an ultimate time to hit the beach. We went straight away to Birubi Beach which is just a few walks away from the camel ride.

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We had a great deal of places to go at Port Stephens but there was insufficient time and Marshall had easily fallen asleep in the car. He was probably too tired playing at the beach plus the high temperature

We even wanted to roam around Nelson Bay but the lighthouse which we initially included on our itinerary was nearly close at that time so we did not proceed. It was already around 4 pm at that time. We just had a quick stopover at Gan Gan Lookout and headed to Belmont Bayview Park where we checked in for a night.

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We rested for a while then hurried up to catch the sunset at the Redhead beach.

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The next day, after enjoying sunrise at the Redhead beach, we went to a drive-thru at  McDonald’s and ate breakfast at the Caves beach.

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We had quite a number of beach on our list so after breakfast, we moved to Murrays Beach. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find the exact location of the beach so we went forward to Catherine Hill Bay.

It was around 830 am,  and there were not many people around except for few surfers. Waves are quite massive, so we settled to go back at the Caves Beach as it is more kid-friendly.

At quarter past 10 in the morning, we were already checked out and ready to go. Belmont is less than 2 hours drive back to the city. The temperature was still high so we opted to chill and have lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks at Beverly Hills.

It was a fleeting adventure but definitely worthwhile! We’ll probably take a break first since Marshall will be occupied at school. But we would certainly organize another venture soon! ;))

Meanwhile, enjoy our video of our short getaway. 😉