Lincoln's Rock lookout


Hello guys! Kamusta?

San ang pasyal nyo? Kami relaks relaks muna dito sa bahay. Madami dami din kaming lakad recently eh.

Share namin tong Lincoln’s Rock.

We discovered this epic lookout from our friends Billy and Edel. Coming from our camping adventure in Newnes campground, Lincoln’s Rock is a good stopover. It’s an hour and a half from the campsite, and another hour and a half going back to the city.

This is just 20 minutes drive from the Blue Mountains. One of the best attractions yan here in Sydney.

Lincoln's Rock

Mas accessible nga lang sya by car, kasi kung commute, from Wentworth Falls station which is the nearest train station going there, you still need to walk around 30minutes.

Tita Tetet faced her fear sitting almost at the edge of the cliff. Pero sabi namin ni Dada wag masyado malapit sa edge as we heard and read some news of people accidentally fell off it.

Ako naman very careful na halos gumapang na lang. haha! Natatakot ako madulas kahit hindi naman basa.

The view is absolutely stunning, yet it is undeniably scary especially with kids around. Napagalitan ko pa actually si Marshall kasi tumakbo sya bigla!

As compared to Tita Tetet’s pose, this is the best and the bravest shot we had as a family. haha!

Try nyo din pag napadpad kayo! ;))

Some photos grabbed from Tita Tetet and Tito Billy 🙂

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