Redhead beach is just a 10-min drive from Belmont Bayview Park where we spent an overnight.

We already reached the place at around half past 7 in the evening and it’s already getting dark.

Still, we were fortunate to get a chance to view a stunning sunset on the beach.

The next day, we woke up early as we wanted to have a look at the sunrise.

We were already at the beach at 6 in the morning waiting for daylight.

A number of surfers were already there.

We didn’t get to catch a perfect sunrise because it was cloudy. Yet we still enjoyed the view along with the cool breeze.

Marshall’s yoga pose! 😉

Marshall wanted to go for a swim but it’s quite cold so we decided to have some breakfast first then off to our next stop, Caves Beach.

Check out our North Coast getaway video here: