Hello guys! Kamusta?

It’s been a year since our last visit to Philippines. We were lucky enough to come home in the Philippines and spend time with our family last year before the pandemic. Click here to check our Surprise homecoming!

One of our itinerary last year included an amazing tour at the Mind Museum and Science in the Park located at BGC Taguig City, Philippines.

Before going inside the museum, Marshall had a quick play at the outdoor complex of Science in the Park.

The park consisted of different kind of themes such as water, Maths, and music.

Just in front of the park is the actual museum, the Mind Museum.

The museum showcases different exhibits and galleries where science do really comes alive.

Due to pandemic, the museum is closed at the moment, but hopefully this video could give you a run-through of what’s inside. Enjoy! 🙂

You can check their website for further notice https://www.themindmuseum.org.