Ripley's Believe it or Not, Genting Malaysia 2013

Here’s our Ripley’s experience guys! 😉

Mr Ripley and Mr Rod

The statues, representing a king and queen, came from the Ivory Coast of Africa, where they were carved in the 1930s by Baule tribesmen. The king holds a sword and a mango, and the queen holds an infant. The is considered a fertility symbol in parts of Africa. According to legend, the statues are to be placed outside a bedroom door, and couples wishing to conceive should touch them as they enter the room. “We are not making any claims for the statues, but it is amazing just how many women have told us they became pregnant after touching them, even though some of them had been told they would never give birth.”– source from

Hinawakan ata ni Rod eh! 😉

Two views of the same image.

this is made of matches, believe it or not? BELIEVE!
An Arab man eating scorpions
Medieval Torture
Human hair wreath
Standing beside the world’s tallest man

It will never be a waste of time going to this museum. A one big experience you should never miss when you go to Genting! 😉