It was an early morning walk. I was going for work and Rod sent me to the bus stop like he always does. It may look like an ordinary day for him, but not for me. 

It was February 18 this year. I greeted him “Happy anniversary!”, with excitement.

And the reaction I got from him was, “Anong date ba ngyon? Diba June tyo?”

“It’s not the wedding anniversary, but It’s our 5th year of togetherness noh!”, I bluntly replied.
Nalilito naman ako ang daming dates”, he answered. Aba, sumagot pa!  haha!
I stared at him not blurting out a word but showing a DO NOT TALK TO ME, pissed off face, bold, capslock, highlighted.
Then the bus came. I kissed him goodbye, said I love you without looking at him, and rode the bus.

As I was on my way to work, I felt guilty of my act.

How did I mess up a beautiful morning just because I was expecting a warm anniversary reply from him?

This is how our fights usually begin.

Most of the time, I expect Rod to anticipate my needs. I want him to be sensitive to my feelings and be attentive to me.

It’s hard to admit, but the truth is, oftentimes, I am the one that doesn’t consider what I can do for him or how I can make him feel more special. A lot of times, I blame him for something he has done, or worse, he did not. And I feel sad about it.

And now that we just celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary, I want to make up to the times I have been inconsiderate and less supportive to my husband.

From now on, I will deliberately put an effort to keeping each other on top of our list with the help and guidance of our Lord. I will take good care and love him even more. I will be more understanding and more considerate.

To my husband, you are truly a blessing to me which I do not deserve but I will be forever thankful to God. Cheers to many more wonderful years ahead of us!

Happy anniversary babe! I love you!

Ephesians 4:2-3 2Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 3Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.