Floriade at Canberra, 2019

Hello guys! Kamusta? Pasyal tayo! 😉

It’s definitely spring here in Australia, and the flowers are in full bloom! Canberra’s Floriade is a perfect place to experience the beauty of nature , plus a good excuse for that long drive .

Road to Canberra

Read more to view some of the gorgeous blooms at the festival 😉

Welcome to Floriade at Canberra

Upon entry, these lovely flowers and their scent will welcome you.

Floriade 2019, Canberra
Floriade 2019, Canberra
Floriade 2019, Canberra

Aside from these blooms, there are different stalls along the area which sells food and stuff for children’s boredom 😉

Marshall bought this sausage dog balloon for $10.
Good shot Marshall! 😉
I got to meet one of my friends during my IRON Bridging Program in Sydney – Click here for my story.
They are already based at Canberra. Glad to have a quick catch up with them!

Floriade is a FREE event which runs until October 13, 2019, 9:30 am -5:30 pm. For more info: Click here: https://floriadeaustralia.com/event-info/

Definitely a great experience for the family this Spring season! 😉

Photo grabbed from Ninong Rene 😉

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Floriade 2019, Canberra

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