Yey! So glad I was able to finish this post before Marshall’s birth month ends. Time really flies and Marshall’s already 4!- Click here for an open letter 😉

To be frank, Dada and I were torn apart between celebrating or not. We just don’t want Marshall to be used to having his birthday party yearly. But since he did not have any party last year, plus the fact that he is such a great growing individual, we thought that he truly deserved some celebration.

I was quite tied up with school so we only had a week preparation prior to the event. Since he already had Car theme in his first year and Safari Theme on his 2nd year, a superhero theme was the quickest idea which was timely for his age.

As usual, frugality strikes our parental minds, so we opted for DIY decorations and preparations starting from invitations.  I self-designed this invite and sent it online to our guests.

Marshall looking very busy and really hands-on with the preparation 😉

Empty boxes of tissue and cereals were used and covered with some colored papers that we already have in stock.  I placed some cape-like felt decor to the bubble wands (50 cents each at K mart) to make it a superhero bubble sword. Credits to the owners of these printables.

I still have a few felt cloth from our quiet books, so I decided to use it as a banner which were just cut out felt letters over the superhero cape felt cloth.

In addition to the banner, I did superhero masks and wristbands from felt cloth, and superhero capes from tablecloth, for the kids to use during the party.

A day before his birthday party looking pretty much excited!

Supposedly we would celebrate on Nov 4 but because of the weather forecast of heavy rain, we changed the date a week after that. Thankfully, the sun was up and the weather was perfectly fine. The venue was held at the Como Pleasure Grounds.

Thankful to Ate Janice for reserving this perfect spot as early as possible 😉

We also brought some of Marshall’s superhero toys for additional decorations.

Thank you to Ate Gene for the awesome cake and cupcakes and to Edel for the matching superhero jellies. 😉

Supergirl loot bags for the girls 😉
Batman loot bags for the boys 😉

Lucky to found these avenger lollies! 😉

While waiting for the other kids, Marshall and his friends took photos and had fun playing at the tent.

When the rest of the kids came, we started the games. The first game was to transform into a superhero. Whoever gets to dressed up first as a superhero was the winner. Although the purpose of this game was for them to really feel like they were superhero wearing the DIY masks, wristbands, and capes may they be the winner or not.

3,2,1, go! 😉

One by one each parent came to help their kids, hehe!

Everyone looking super cool with their costumes 😉

Next game was the “Pabitin” which is a traditional Filipino game. Items including food, lollies, and toys were wrapped in a plastic and hanged on a wooden rack. Kids enjoyed grabbing at the stuff as the wooden rack is lowered and raised.

Another fun activity was the Piñata. Kids take turns to hit the piñata which was full of goodies!

When the Piñata was broken, all the kids (and adults too!) had a feast with all the lollies! hahaha!

Pass the parcel was our last game. Kids sat down in a circle while the music was playing. When the music stops, the child holding the parcel takes off one layer of wrapping and gets the treat. Repeat the process until everyone gets their treat.

After the games, children sang a birthday song for Marshall and he cut the cake for sharing 😉

Enjoying their loot bags 😉

Thanks to all our friends and family who helped us with all the cooking and preparation and for bringing all those food to share and gifts for Marshall. Your presence has been truly appreciated.

Most especially, thank you to our God Almighty for the gift of life to our dearest Marshall. Glory to God! 😉

It was indeed a fun celebration day for Marshall! 😉