An open letter to my 4-yr-old son

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Dear Marshall,

Looking back at your old photos (and videos), I can’t help it but smile although tears still trying to escape my eyes. You were just a tiny pebble in my tummy but here you are now, growing fast than I can ever imagine.  If only I can keep you and hold you in my arms forever… But I wouldn’t do that, of course. It hurts to see you away, acting more and more independently. But it makes me even prouder of whoever you have become. There were days that I feel so exhausted, and frankly being a mom is not that easy.. but thank you for saving me from all the sadness and tiredness. May you continue to be a dynamic and grounded individual. These words are not enough to express how much dada and I love you…

You may grow bigger, and taller, and stronger, but you will always be our baby…

To our little superhero, Blessed 4th birthday to you! We love you like the stars… and the raindrops…



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