Hello guys! Kamusta?

Let’s move forward to our Japan adventure! This time, we went to Legoland Discovery Centre at Tokyo Japan which was included in our Day 1 itinerary. Our 10-day Japan itinerary is still in progress though, haha!

Read more to find out what to expect at the Legoland Discovery Centre at Tokyo, Japan.

Legoland Discovery Centre at Odaiba

Legoland Discovery Centre is located at Decks Tokyo Beach Island Mall at Odaiba. There are various types of passes to choose from but we opted for the online saver ticket which cost us 1,574 JPY each. Prices vary depending on the date and time and ticket is only valid at the date and time selected.

Legoland Discovery Centre

Anticipating that it would only take us some time to roam around the facility, plus the fact that we have quite a tight schedule, we chose the 4pm slot. Opening hours are from 10am – 8pm during weekdays and till 9pm when weekends.

There wasn’t too much crowd when we enter the centre. Upon entry, we came into the Lego Factory and Marshall was overwhelmed with all the bricks and pieces.

Other attractions include Kingdom Quest, Duplo Village, Merlin’s apprentice Ride, Lego racers, Dino Explorer, and Creative Workshop Area.

Marshall spent most of the time at the Lego Ninjago City Adventure.

While for us adults, we were amazed at the Miniland Area seeing Tokyo’s landmarks, built of course with Lego materials.

As compared to Legoland Malaysia which we visited in 2015, this indoor entertainment facility is quite small. But for families who have young children visiting Tokyo, this would still be a go-to-place to try. More info at: https://tokyo.legolanddiscoverycenter.jp/en/

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