Hired as a nurse in Australia

Hello guys! How are you? Nabusy na naman kami.. (lage na lang! haha)

I was busy this past few days because I have a good news!!!

It’s positive! And I’m already on my 2nd week! 

Teka, not the positive pregnancy test ha! Nagexpect ba kayo? haha!

I mean, I now have a positive results from a number of interviews.

I’m hired! Finally guys! After several interviews, we made it! 

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After few days, I received a call from a hospital. (Baka napanuod nila yung video ko, haha!)

But seriously, they invited me for an interview and in less than a week I was hired. Ambilis guys! It means some of my personal working application tips are working! Yay!

The good thing about it, is that the institution that accepted me provides progressive training. Plus, it’s just nearby our place! Kaya pala hindi ako matanggap tanggap sa mga inaapplyan ko kasi plano ni Lord malapit lang sa bahay namin. Truly God has better plans for us.

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand 

Proverbs 19:21

That’s it guys. Just sharing this moment with you that I finally have a full time job here in Australia. I’m excited to share more stories of my nursing journey in Australia and of course family stories, since we have new family challenges too now that I’m full time. But of course, this is indeed another family milestone for us.

I’ll also share my personal experience with regards to the difference back when I worked as a part time nurse here in Australia versus now that I am working as a full time Registered Nurse.  Dami na naman natin pagkukuwentuhan guys! Exciting!

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I’m hired! I got a full time job as Registered Nurse in Australia!

Hope this helps! Good luck and all the best to all my fellow nurses! Kaya natin yan! 😉

Watch this short video that I am finally hired. 😉

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