How much will it cost to become a Registered Nurse in Australia? – DIY application

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Hello guys! How are you? πŸ˜‰

It’s already July! Time flies! I’m already on my 4th week at my work place! Ambilis ng panahon!

I’m almost done with my supernumerary shift and I will have my solo roster soon. Waah! Scary but exciting! But I am so grateful that I have very supportive colleagues and encouraging mentors. Thank you Lord! πŸ˜‰

We’ll also be sharing my stories on how I am adjusting with my current workplace and the challenges that we are facing as a family now that both Dada and I have a full time job here in Australia.

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Anyway, there’s a number of people sending messages and asking us how much would it cost to become a Registered Nurse in Australia. I actually didn’t realize how expensive it is until I enrolled to an approved bridging program institution. Click here for my IRON program experience.

So eto na guys, malalaman nyo na na hindi lang isa o dalawang bulsa ang nabutas samin hehe! Madami daming bulsa ang nabutas! haha!

So if you’re planning to become a Registered Nurse in Australia, brace yourselves for the following list of expenses that I will share with you. Read more to find out how much did it cost for me to become a Registered Nurse here in Australia! Ready nyo na yung listahan nyo guys at calculator na din! haha!

Sharing my personal expenses back in 2017 so there may be changes with the current fees. Mine is a DIY application through Bridging Program.

For those who are starting their journey, there may be additional expenses like visa application, air fare ticket, food and accommodation here in Australia, and probably some more other miscellaneous.

If you have the time to do research about the requirements and application, it is possible to do it on your own, like what I did. Otherwise you may opt to inquire to an agency keeping in mind for additional payment.

Watch my video here for a detailed story of my expenses before becoming a Registered Nurse in Australia!

Hope this helps my fellow nurses! Mahaba habang listahan kaya kelangan ko na magtrabaho ng makabawi na! haha! Click here guys for possible nursing interview questions that might help you!

Madami dami pa din tayong kwentong nurse kaya abangan nyo yan guys!

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Thank you for taking time to read this story. Feel free to comment for any questions and other topics you might want us to share and we will try our best to reply as soon as we can. πŸ˜‰



    1. This is helpfull. Though my son wants to be a doctor, it’s still a very good option to finish & pratice nursing. I’ll keep this for reference. Nabutas man madaming bulsa nyo, it’s worth the pagod and gastos. Good luck and keep safe.

  1. Oh my, mapapapikit-mata ka na nga lang talaga sa gastos, but I’m sure this will all be worth it once you start working as an RN in Australia. πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for sharing this. This is a nice way to inform those who are interested to apply for registered nurse sa Australia na DIY is possible and mas malaki ang matitipid plus the lessons learned tlagaa ang mas mahalaga.

  3. This is helpful, I will share this to my sister who currently resides in Abu Dhabi. She is an RN planning to transfer to Australia or Canada.

  4. Oh my, how expensive din pala, but of course, hindi naman ito isang payment lang. Great post and I’m sure this will help many individuals planning to get into this career.

  5. Medyo marami-rami rin pala ang expenses ppero I’m sure magiging sulit din naman yan in the long run. I enjoyed reading your post and watching your video.

  6. Very helpful and informative article. I know a lot of us have a relative who is a nurse and may want to seek greener pastures. Also, I heard that after some time, those who are working as nurses in Australia can also get secure Visas for their immediate family members so that they can be with them.

  7. 12 years ago I was told that I will be only shelling out like half million for all the expenses. But I am surprised to see how it ballooned like this. I just hope there will be an increase in salary here in the Philippines so that our fellow nurses will not have to leave their families here! Kudos to you fellow nightingale!

    1. Yes, hopefully talaga tumaas din ang sahod ng mga nurses sa Pinas. And one more thing, to be more recognized as professionals. Minsan nakakalungkot na sa foreign land pa mas nabbigyan ng credit.

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