This will be our first Christmas here in Australia. As much as we want to celebrate Christmas back home (Philippines), our air ticket budget was already used up on our holiday last October.

Nevertheless, there’s no reason not to celebrate this special occasion.

Speaking of budget, we wanted to have a  joyful yet not too expensive celebration. So this year, we decided to do some diys.

First is our Christmas wreath.

We used a round plastic and covered it with green felt paper. I still have quite a number of felt papers from doing Marshall’s quiet book. So rather than keeping it in the storage, why not use it.


Here’s Marshall helping me out. He actually felt the glue gun was hot so he was extra careful.15631181_1419734901370343_103952970_o


Here it is :))15659012_1419731728037327_2141746072_o

Christmas is a time for giving. “Sharing is caring” as he would always say. We want Marshall to practice the act of kindness so I asked him to help out with the packing of some chocolate goodies. Turns out he ate some of it. haha!



These are what’s inside a goody. It’s not much but it”s the thought that counts 😉15658932_1419724054704761_31843839_o

Made a few for Marshall’s friends.

Dada and I also decided to give a little something for our cenacle family as a gratitude for welcoming us in their group.

We bought some candles and we customized the designs.15658629_1419723938038106_2101633968_o


A closer look to each design..

santa claus 😉
snowman 😉
rudolph 😉
another rudolph 🙂

15629045_1420363447974155_1795259164_o 15657782_1420363244640842_1007140082_o 15657811_1420363247974175_183132579_o 15657960_1420363434640823_809672305_o 15658060_1420362867974213_1903032947_o 15658952_1420363634640803_1398801668_o

And here’s a video of us setting up our Christmas tree 😉

spot mami and marshall 🙂

As for Marshall’s gift, we didn’t plan anything big, just like the previous years. We don’t want him to grow up being used to receiving splendor gifts from us. We want to teach him the value of frugality and contentment on little things. So this year, dada and I decided to recycle his eggs surprise for his Christmas gift.

We placed some small toys which are also not that expensive but he’d most likely be surprise when he sees these.


Not to mention, we added some twist on its packaging. hihi!


Can’t wait to see what’s his reaction! haha! labyu! 😉


Have a Joyful Christmas and a Blessed 2017 from our family to yours! :))