The previous year was a busy one for me and my family. While I haven’t started the routine of setting an annual word inspiration at that time, I guess ADVENTURE would be the best way to describe our 2016.

Now that January is about to end, let me have this moment to finally share my word of the year before we turn our calendar to jot down our approaching tasks for the next coming months.

Definitely, I want to devote more energy for this year. I’ve been a homemaker for a year now and though most of the time I feel I lack enough time to do other things, I still believe that I can do more. (Habang ‘medyo’ bata pa, hehe). This year, I want to personally STRIVE for more success, particularly in my career. I’m not saying that I’d rather go back to my toxic yet exciting life as a nurse, but since I already have my degree and several years of experience, it’s possible to be a stay at home mom and at the same time hold a license as a registered nurse here in Australia. How will I attain it? First, I am required to take the IELTS and of course get my target band score.

By the way, speaking of English test, (commercial muna, hehe), I was watching the 65th Miss Universe coronation while doing this post, and I came across some dissatisfied facebook posts about how Maxine did not do well in the question and answer. Some were saying that she should’ve just spoken in Tagalog (Filipino) since she doesn’t speak English well, while others just give rude comments.

Well, I don’t know Maxine personally and I’m not really a fan of beauty pageants, I just can’t help it but share my personal thoughts seeing all the negativities. I mean, c’mon, she made it to top 6 and that’s still an honor for us. Yes, we all have this freedom of speech but can we just be happy for her and move on? In any way, I think she still STRIVED for the best. (yey, naiconnect! haha). But seriously, hindi madaling mag-english especially if you are not used to speaking the language. I have been to different English-speaking countries, but I have to admit, at times, I still struggle in delivering a perfect English conversation.  Especially now that I am reviewing for my upcoming English test. Ang hirap kaya! Eto pa nga IELTS lang nahihirapan nako, Miss Universe pa kaya,?!

Mahaba habang commercial! haha

Anyway, back to where I want to strive, after the IELTS, I need to prepare several documents to apply for nurse registration. After that, I will attend and pass the bridging program for a number of months, which am not sure yet, depending on the assessment. Then, I should already be recognized as a nurse here in Australia. Sounds easy..? It’s not! haha! That’s why I need to exert more effort to achieve these goals.

In addition to this, I don’t want to see my hubby working all by himself, though, honestly, I’m enjoying being a stay at home mom. But I want both of us to be free from corporate life and retire at the same time. The income I will get from work will be a big help for us to easily reach a desired amount of fund, allocate to different investments, and by God’s grace, be financially free. Unless otherwise, I find some work at home opportunities that pays well, then that would be better! For now, I’ll just stick to the plan and aim for a more favorable outcome for our family. Needless to say, all of these will not be possible without the help from THE ONE ABOVE. 😉

Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”