Dear Marshall,
Today is the 14th of February. It’s Valentine’s Day!
 It is 1034 in the evening and I am having a discussion with Dada regarding the celebration of this day.
Oo nga naman, san ba nagsimula ang Valentine’s day? What is the history of St. Valentine? And are we supposed to celebrate it? Well, actually hindi talaga namin alam anak! ahaha!
 We were just used to celebrating this event.
 But after this conversation with Dada, we might have to read and research.
So when the time comes na you will ask us, “Mom, Dada, why are we celebrating Valentine’s Day?”, you won’t see us looking at each other with a big question mark on our faces.
Better be prepared for the “why stage”..!
 We had lunch out and after eating, I gave you both these DIY Valentine’s cards.
I’m so killing seeing your happy faces.
We went to an open play area and we just watched you play for few minutes.
 After which we went to your Ninang Chiqui and had some snacks on another playground.
There you are having fun under the sun!
 We love you anak!