Back when we started this site last 2014, we just wanted to have an open site for Marshall’s reference of our stories as a family before we get older and forget all the important moments. It was the end of last year when it crossed my mind the concept of making videos with regards to Marshall’s activities. And eventually, I and Rod came up to an idea of putting up a Youtube channel.

Well, it’s Marshall’s Youtube channel actually.

We are very pleased to the Lord for giving us this kind of blessing and we keep praying for His continuous guidance. We made this not to gain likes, (or dislikes) but to share our routine and adventure besides the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. This aims primarily to inspire parents as well as kids, especially in this very techie world. Suggestions and more ideas are very much welcome. We are a first-time parents and are still on the process of recognizing the significant activities that would benefit our son. At the same time, making sure he’s having the most enjoyable time with us, as a family. We can never bring back the past, but at least we know, we are sharing the best memories of his childhood. After all, kids are gonna be kids and seeing them happy is the best feeling a parent can have.

Come and let’s learn and have fun all together!

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Marshall’s first YouTube video

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