Hi guys! Kamusta?

It’s another school holiday here in Sydney! We usually plan ahead of time to arrange something surprise for Marshall’s school break but because we were caught up with everyday’s hustle and bustle, we were left empty handed with the plans.

Marshall enjoyed our camping experiences like what we had back at Newnes Campground – Click here for story 😉

and the one at Bents Basin Campground – Click here for story 😉

This time, we wanted to go for a glamping, for a change. But most of the glamping sites are, of course, already fully booked.

Fortunately, I was given a time off at work and soon enough we searched for some last minute options. We found this very interesting tiny houses by Tiny Away. We looked for some available spots around NSW since the state borders are again, locked down. Luckily there was a tiny house available for an overnight stay the following day. So we immediately booked, paid $218.35, confirmed stay with the host through airbnb, packed our things, and done! Hurray! Mind you, I was actually on-call at work that night. Luckily there was no emergency call, Yey! ;))

Anyway, the next morning.. we’re all ready! Weeh!

Marshall had no idea where we were going. hihi! We told him we’ll just grab some brekkie at Macca’s and then we’ll go for some road trip. He was excited at first but later on realised we were driving for quite some time, so he became grumpy! haha!

After 3 hours drive to Braidwood, Marshall’s excitement came back upon seeing our tiny haven for that night. Read more to check out what’s inside our Tiny House.

Check in time is 2pm. We arrived at half past 2 in the afternoon since we roamed around first at the Braidwood town – stay tuned for our Braidwood – Goulburn tour! 😉

The Tiny House at the Saddle Camp Braidwood, NSW
How cute is this! 😉

The Saddle Camp offer some activities like horse riding, mini adventure ride, picnic trail ride, and river ride for additional cost. But because we booked too late, there were no free slots.

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This little man can’t wait to try the bed! 😉
View from the top / from the bed
It is important to supervise the children when using the stairs.
and you can park right next to the Tiny House! Easy!

It was a lovely sunny day and it’s just nice that we brought Marshall’s bike for him to wander around the area.

Around 6pm dinner’s already served!

We initially opted to have dinner outside the tiny house but it was freezing cold so we went inside instead.
The Tiny House at night.
Campfire beside the Tiny House.

The next day…

It was 3 degrees at 6am.

Brekkie time!


It was a bonus for Marshall to see couple of kangaroos roaming around.

Can you spot the kangaroo? 😉
A lovely cinematic shot by Dada! 😮

No doubt this tiny house is definitely worth a try may it be for friends and couples..

or families.. 😉

If you’re looking for some kind of wilderness and adhering to social distancing, this is absolutely a perfect place.

Especial thanks to our host, Helen, for accommodating our needs and being very attentive to our request.

Visit Tiny Away for other lovely tiny houses. Can’t wait to try other locations! 😉

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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the Tiny House by Tiny Away at the Saddle Camp, Braidwood NSW

Stay tuned for our Braidwood-Goulburn tour!

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Stay safe everyone! 🥰