Hi guys! Kamusta?

How are you at work fellow nurses? How have you been in this recent Covid-19 pandemic? I hope everyone is safe and healthy. 😉

As for me,  I’m still busy as a bee so I haven’t had any recent nursing videos. I am currently enjoying my off today, still tucked in bed with my pjs, so no video for the moment. hehe! But if you haven’t subscribe to my YT channel, please support me by clicking this link! Thank you!;)

If you have been following my stories, you’d probably know that I am working in a Cath Lab area in a private hospital here in Sydney. Currently, most of the elective surgeries are postponed because of the Coronavirus but because we handle cardiac cases, there’s still work to do including emergency cases. Ambilis ng panahon! I was hired June last year, it’s already May so nearly a year na! So far, I am learning a lot and having a great time at my current work.

Speaking of May, it’s that time of the year for our AHPRA registration renewal. I’ve just renewed mine a week ago. It’s easy because it’s just an online renewal.

Here are the steps in renewing AHPRA registration for nurses:

  • Go to AHPRA website and click login.
  • Type in your user ID – User Id is the 10 digit number sent through email when you first received your notification that you have been registered. – Easiest way actually is just click on the email reminder sent by AHPRA. They would normally send a reminder that you are due for registration so just click that link.
  • Key in your date of birth.
  • Key in your password. If you have forgotten your password, just reset it.
  • Answer the set of questions with regards to your recency of practice, recent hours worked, and make sure you completed the number of hours required for CPD.
  • Pay it using credit/debit card. Done!

Renewal fee for this year 2020 costs $175. Last 2019 was $170, and when I first renewed my registration in 2018, it was $155. Inflation it is! For more info, check AHPRA’s tips for renewal.

With regards to CPD or continuing professional development, for us nurses, we have to complete 20 hours. Below are some of the links that might help you with obtaining CPD hours.

For more information regarding AHPRA’s CPD requirements – Click here.

Keep a portfolio of your CPD courses and certificates in case you might be audited. Make sure to renew your registration on or before May 31. If you have any other site or links that you think might be helpful, please feel free to type it in the comment box!

If you want to know more of my nursing journey, check out on this link!

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Thank you for reading and please continue to pray for our front liners. Keep safe and advance Happy nurses day! 😉