Yey! We’re on the 3rd letter of the alphabet!


C for caterpillar.13340928_1232373136773188_2007108344_o

We will need:

-art papers (it’s your choice what color you’d like to use)

-egg carton

-wiggly eyes

-scotch tape


-pair of scissors


You need to cut the egg carton till you get this shape below.

(Cutting out need parental assistance)13389336_1234474166563085_2014065870_o13321062_1232373230106512_926228196_o (1)Cut out different shapes and just stick it to the egg carton until everything is fully covered.

Then just stick the wiggly eyes and a small rolled cut out art paper for the antennae.13351212_1232373183439850_111504406_o (1)

I secured it with a tape and attached it on a paper to make it shaped into letter C.13334739_1232373223439846_535321973_o (1)

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