This coming Thursday, April 13, Marshall will have his first Easter hat parade at school. Parents are encouraged to work with the kids to create their own easter bonnet or hat. Hurray to DIY! …and to our old surprise eggs! Since we also have Angry Birds eggs, we decided that we should go for an Angry Birds Theme.

These are the materials:

*old surprise eggs

*glue gun (with glue stick, of course)– parental guidance is a must πŸ˜‰

*small pompoms

*felt cloth (black, white, green — to go with our theme)

*pair of scissors — again, parental guidance is a must πŸ˜‰

*felt hat (which we bought from K mart.. It was actually a frog felt hat, so we just made some changes to make it an angry bird piggy.)a17901914_1579111138766051_336647658_o

First, we cut out a green oval to form a nose of the angry bird piggy.a17887261_1579110938766071_205992765_o

and stuck two tiny black felt for the nostrils.Β a17887290_1579111085432723_1812554791_o

Then, we also cut out two round white felt and stuck tiny black felt on both to form a pair of eyes.a17858331_1579110928766072_2005372349_o

After that, we prepared piggy eyebrows using a cut out black felt cloth.a17902078_1579111055432726_1908172766_o

This is how it looks after sticking them on the felt hat using a glue gun. Thereafter, we glued the egg surprise on top of the hat.a17858626_1579110905432741_935146019_o

I made a grass out of the green felt then glued around the felt hat.a17859010_1579111005432731_1070096948_o

Lastly, we added yellow pompoms onΒ the grass tips.a17902200_1579111178766047_1731065193_o

Tadaa! :))a17838734_1579110972099401_77178058_o

In total, we only spent $2 for the felt hat since we already have our supplies from our not-so-quiet books. And we made this easter hat in just 15 minutes. It’s that simple! πŸ˜‰a17858234_1579110808766084_955311525_o

Yey! Ready for the Easter Hat Parade! πŸ˜‰a17858298_1579110988766066_1391411543_o

I bet you can also do your own easter hat using old stuff!

Here’s a short video of our DIY Angry Birds Easter Hat. Happy Easter everyone! :))

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