We are starting our weekly alphabet activity by doing the first letter of the alphabet.


A for apple.

Basically, you need:

-art papers (red, green, and brown)

-scotch tape

-a pair of scissors

Initially, I wanted to cut out some leaves for the apples, but never mind. 🙂


I used the red art paper for the apple cut outs.

We do not have brown art paper so I just used the plain bond paper, cut it into a small apple branch-like and asked Marshall to color it brown.

He quickly obliged.

Cutting out needs parental assistance.


This is for the tree.


You just need to stick the tree on the wall and ask your kid to paste the apple cutouts on the tree.

Once in a while, you may ask them for the color of the apple, or the leaves, or the branch of the tree.

After which, you can start counting the apple cut outs they have pasted.

This is a simple yet fun activity for the kids.

They will learn about colors and numbers.


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