Happy International women's day

Hello guys! Kamusta?

Sa wakas weekend na! Para naman makapahinga ang Dada namin. Masyado hard working eh, nilalagnat na tuloy. Si Marshall, mukhang hard working din sa school, tulog na kanina pang 4pm!

Syempre ako hard working din! haha! Sinali talaga ang sarili… Uy, hindi porket nasa bahay lang ako wala ako ginagawa ha… Sumakit nga ulo ko, madami na naman kasing kalat! haha! Saka may interview kasi ako kanina, naubos ata laman ng utak ko. Ganon daw yun diba, pag sumakit ang tyan, kasi wala ng laman. Ganon din daw pag sumakit ulo, wala na din kasi laman. haha! Puro kalokohan!

Kwentuhan ko kayo next time tungkol sa interview ko saka kung pano ako nagaapply.

Ngayon kwentong bahay muna tayo! Ano nga ba ginagawa ng mga stay at home moms? Literal lang ba talaga na nagsstay lang kami sa bahay?

Here are 5 misconceptions about stay at home moms:

We are literally staying at home.

Ahem! Staying at home doesn’t mean we have nothing to do at home. In fact, we have several tasks to do. Primarily is to take care of the family and having a child at home makes it more challenging. Really challenging… Ayan nga yung isa sa mga struggles ko nung bago pa lang kami nakalipat dito. I do most of the household chores and at times, it really is exhausting. Lalo na wala naman kami family and relatives dito. Dati nung nasa Pinas pa kami or Singapore, most of the time, we asked help from our parents and in-laws. Ngayon, we have to do it on our own. Aside from the fact that SAHMs have tons of work to do at home, we also have heaps of errands to do even outside the home like grocery shopping, checking the mail, bringing and picking up our kid at school. Plus I’m in-charge of menu planning, budgeting, thinking of activities for Marshall, and the rest.

We just sit and relax.

Aba, nakaupo na nga lang kami may ginagawa pa din noh. We are sitting yet we are folding the clothes. E tapos nagttry pa mag-konmari method, e di lalo na ko tumagal hehe! Or nakaupo na nga lang pero nasa laptop at naloloka sa paguupdate ng budget or pagbabayad ng bills online.

We have all the time.

Initially, I thought I would have enough time to do the chores and at the same time focus on work application when Marshall goes to big school. Kaya lang parang mas umiksi ang oras. Marshall’s school starts from 9am and ends at 3pm. Parang kakahatid ko lang sa kanya sa school, nagligpit lang ako ng onti, maya maya sunduan time na!

We don’t want to work.

During the time I did not work for more than 2 years, I realized it had a massive impact on my career. Medyo nagslow yung pagcatch up ko and medyo nagiging malilimutin ako. Baka yun yung tinatawag nilang ‘mom brain’. Of course, I also wanted to have a permanent work so I can help with the fees. Dada and I have this plan of retiring at a specific age, so as much as possible, I want to have a permanent job so we can easily accumulate an amount for savings and investment and eventually attain our goals.

We have an easy life.

I guess that is a very unfair stereotype because personally speaking, it is really not true. Though some people may easily perceived it as easy as that.

For me, I still wouldn’t imagine myself any other way. I’m glad that I have this chance of being a stay at home mom however difficult it may seem but at least I could purposely spend my time with Dada and Marshall. At the end of the day, we have our own priorities and for me, family is what truly matters most.

In a couple of weeks or months, I might be back to work since Marshall is already going to school so just want to treasure the remaining days of being a full-time stay at home mom.

To all women, may she be a stay at home mom, a work from home mom, a working mom, a single mom, or a single lady, Happy International women’s day! Let’s celebrate this moment to reflect on being a lovely woman of our own generation. Cheers to that!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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