10 things I want on Mothers Day - tobringtogether.com

I’ve been feeling like a single mom for the past 2 weeks. Dada is in Japan for work, and will only be back this Sunday. (sigh) Not having a husband around doing all the home stuff, running errands, being with Marshall all day long and minding all the mess and kakulitan makes me feel ‘alone’. But for the record, I am not complaining but only verbalizing my feelings to lessen the stress. haha! I bet a lot of moms would like to exchange places with me considering the fact that I am a homemaker. I know. I’ve been there… I’ve been in a long distance relationship with Rod previously and same goes with Marshall back when he was still few months old until he’s 2 and finally moved here in Sydney. Yeah, it’s difficult! Couldn’t agree more.

But this Mother’s day, I have a few things on my list of what I really want for mother’s day.

#1 I want to sleep (or pretend to sleep) in a clean and cozy bed while tucked in a very soft and comforting blanket for as long as I like without little hands grabbing my face or little feet kicking my bottom.

#2 I want to wake up looking at a blank page of a planner not minding what task to do, where to go for errands,  or what meal to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

#3 I want to have a big breakfast all for myself and not to worry about the dishes or the mess. I want to savor every bite of it and furnish the times I did not finish my meal, or simply missed a meal for various reasons.

#4 I want to have fresh pink flowers to remind me that I still look beautiful despite all exhaustion from household chores.

#5 I want to have a long warm bath to make up for the times I almost haven’t changed from pajamas or did a 3-minute bath (if you can still call it a bath).

#6 I want to go and buy something for myself without even thinking that I did not earn that money but still, I deserve it no matter what.

#7 I want to buy something for my mom as well, from my own pocket, to just let her know that I now appreciate her even more.

#8 I want to do a movie marathon, or maybe read a book, or just simply not to bother on doing all the house stuff just like some people would stereotype “stay at home moms” are just literally staying at home and doing nothing. Well, in fact, it’s the total opposite.

#9 I want to have a few minutes of peace and silence and to appreciate myself that even though I’m not working in a corporate world, the thought that I’ve sacrificed my career to take care of this family, and the works that I’m doing at home are still considered a team effort in a family.

#10 But, at the end of the day, all I really want is to thank God, for giving me the gift of motherhood. To be able to experience being a homemaker for this span of time. Frankly speaking, I am enjoying the perks of being a housewife and if only I can choose to stay with this profession for the rest of my life, I would. Despite all the hurdles, I wouldn’t exchange this moment for anything else. I would still choose to have all the daily mess, daily noise, daily fatigue because that’s the joy of being a wife and a mom. For me, the best job is to serve and prioritize your family.

By the way, though my husband is miles away, he still found a way to send me these beauties through his accomplices, Wiljay, Malou, and of course, Marshall.

He did not even know about this wish list but at least #4 was granted. At least I know I am still beautiful in his eyes. haha!

Happy mother’s day to all dear moms! God bless! ;))