June 11, 2017

Pelican Feeding is the most highlighted attraction at the Entrance located on the Central Coast.

It operates 3:30 pm daily whole year round. Pelicans seem to be used to their routine as you can see them already swimming to the waterfront at this time.

Make sure to have a seat prior to that time as it tends to be easily occupied. It’s free by the way! We were able to have a seat at the front row and had a chance to see them really close. We still kept a distance though because some of the pelicans can be a little bit aggressive especially when they flap their wings.

A lot of tourists and even locals were gathered and informed about the pelicans and other birds and marine life.

There is also a big play area for the kids to run around and get themselves entertained.

Food is not a problem since there are numerous cafes and eateries around the area.

One of the main objectives of the pelican feed is to keep an eye on the pelican’s medical conditions as many have hooks and lines tangled up in their gullets, wings and other parts of their body. The feed is a chance for the coordinator and volunteers to assess their well being. – http://theentrance.org/entrance-pelican-feeding/. Check out more enjoyable activities at their official website. 

Meanwhile, here’s a short video of our Pelican feeding encounter 😉