July 3, 2016

Blue Mountains, NSW.

It was an early morning stroll.13616262_1255813494429152_1869723096_oWe first took a bus from our place going to the city (Central Station).

From there we took the train going to Katoomba Station.13570092_1255813531095815_621673008_o(Buti walang sumpong si Marshall kasi maaga nagising, hehe)13570220_1255813521095816_555295253_o13621419_1255813551095813_269297280_oLuckily, it only took about 2 hours for us to reach there.13621339_1255813544429147_1808859250_oFrom Katoomba Station, we rode a bus about 15-20mins away from our destination. Hurray!13595681_1255813431095825_650927730_nwith Tito Wiljay, Tita Malou, and Tita Blanche
13608240_1255813421095826_1167528118_n13599732_1255813457762489_1031988549_n13607811_1255813417762493_1472659464_nAlthough there was no snow, it was still cold since the temperature is 3 degrees.
13599666_1255813424429159_1641445759_n 13579913_1255813567762478_954773638_oIt’s called Blue mountains because basically, it looks blue. 🙂

They are clad in vast forests of eucalypts (commonly called gum trees), which in the hot sun discharge a fine mist of eucalyptus oil from their leaves. The mist refracts light, which makes the haze look blue at a distance.– http://www.sydney.visitorsbureau.com.au/regions/blue-mountains.html
13595712_1255813427762492_934596901_n13624662_1255813464429155_998279894_nWe walked and took photos around the area for about 20 minutes. There’s no entrance fee, by the way.
13588739_1255813564429145_997281524_oThe 3 big stones you can see in the photo are called “The Three Sisters”. Legend says that these were actually 3 ladies who fell in love with 3 men but the tribal law forbids them to marry. A spell cast upon them and turn them into rocks. See story here.

After some time, we went to Scenic World which is just a few minutes away from the Blue Mountains.13618216_1255813437762491_925806375_n13608007_1255813444429157_962389178_nThis time, we paid for ticket that includes unlimited rides to Scenic Railway, Cableway, Skyway, and Walkway. 39aud for each adult and $21aud for children aged 4-13. Yey! Marshall is still free since he’s just 2 1/2 years old. Check out price here.

13617513_1255813467762488_48214484_n13617374_1255813461095822_901614738_nWe were thrilled at the Scenic Railway because of its so-called “cliffhanger” adventure.

Here’s a short clip of our cableway and railway experience.

After eating late lunch and early dinner, we rode the train again going back home.13570326_1255813581095810_1712277345_oIt was a whole day of fun for all of us 🙂

*some photos grabbed from Tito Wiljay :))