First flight to Singapore - tobringtogether

FEB 18, 2014

Manila to Singapore

We were very excited because it was our first flight together as family. Well of course, aside from our first flight during my pregnancy. hehe!


It’s just a 3-hour flight anyway but we were quite prepared. We were actually expecting that Marshall would make a scene during the flight considering he was just 3 months old. We usually see babies tend to cry their lungs out especially during take off and landing. We also anticipated that he might poop in his nappy and we would make a mess in the plane toilet.

feb18 marshall collage

But all these things didn’t happen to us. We’re so mean thinking of all the negativities well in fact he was very well-behaved and almost slept the whole flight.

feb 18 family collage

 Mama and Tita Belbel were with us. It was Mama’s first flight as well. 🙂


feb 18 (c)

Thank God, we arrived safely. I was so happy this time! 😉