M for memory/matching game

I’m just so glad that while Marshall is learning at home, I can see that he is also enjoying, a lot!

This week is play time! Well, actually most of the time is just play time for us. hihi.

We are on our ‘M’ week, and we have another add on to our A-Z activities.

We played a memory/matching game.

I was actually thinking of something that matches colors and luckily I found some colored covers of his used playdough.


After lining up and arranging the colored covers, I initially covered with cut out papers. But it was not a very good idea since I saw him already peeking. tsk tsk! hehe


So I covered those with paper cups instead. haha!


Ready to play!


Here’s our fun game together with dada. By the way, few hours from now and it’s our dada’s birthday! Happy birthday dada! Just nice to have a video of them together. Please excuse my “sinisipon voice” on the video. Nevertheless, enjoy! 🙂


41 comments on “M for memory/matching game

  1. Looks like a fun educational game for kids!

  2. Ceemee says:

    Cute video as always! My kids saw it and they said they want to play this game. Haha!

  3. Mommy Levy says:

    you are very creative, good job for making learning so fun!

  4. Jhanis says:

    Such a great activity! I’m gonna do this with my daughter. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Juvy Ann says:

    Your son is so happy. I am sure my boy will like this game too.

  6. Alaine says:

    This is a great activity. I love visiting your website because your photos are really, really cute. You make simple things look pretty.

  7. Coi says:

    That’s a really awesome game with your little one! Will put this on my list of educational games I’ll play with my daughter. Right now, my daughter’s fond of puzzles though she’s not that good at it yet hahahaha! I just found out when she took the little puzzle board we got free. I think I’ll get her that’s right for her age and that have big puzzle pieces hehe 😀

  8. hahahha nice naman
    creativity brings us to a new level talaga

  9. Michelle says:

    We also do memory games. I believe it’s good for the kids as they grow up!

  10. This is such a great idea that’s easy to execute at home! Di pa magastos.

  11. Madz says:

    Cool animated video!It looks like your son is really havinv fun playing this game.

  12. Liz A says:

    I have pinned a similar activity in my Pinterest. 🙂 Though my son would need to progress further before we can start on the memory matching game. 🙂

  13. Gilian says:

    I’m gonna do this! 🙂 I might try printables and cover them with cups in case i can’t find items that are the same or in case I might run out of items when they ask for more or again. 🙂 Lovethis game. My son hates the ipad version but hopefully e’ll ike it this way. 🙂

  14. Maan says:

    Great game idea for little kids! I think even adults would enjoy that game haha! I’m sure your son had a great time playing.

  15. Ayi says:

    This is a great game. My daughter got a memory game for her bday from one of her schoolmates, but she’s not interested. I have to introduce the game again 🙂

  16. Josephine says:

    This is so nice and cute! Your kiddo surely had a great time learning! 🙂

  17. EINz says:

    It’s nice that you take time to create an activity like this, I also want my children to enjoy more on “offline games.”

  18. This is fun and very educational for the kids!

  19. Denice says:

    He looks like he had so much fun mommy! Something we can do with bunny. Happy bday to your hubby!

  20. edel says:

    You’re very creative! Your son seem to be enjoying the game so much. 🙂

  21. Galing! So simple yet so fun and educational! 🙂 Great video!

  22. My son enjoyed memory games when he was younger, too. Kids learn more when there’s playtime involved.

  23. TweenselMom says:

    That’s a nice game. I was thinking of tweaking it for my teens minsan pag nag staycation kami. sigurado magugustuhan nila pag money or chocolates ang nilagay kong hidden sa mga plastic.

  24. Janice says:

    My son and I used to play a memory game a lot when he was younger. Now he prefers other games.

  25. Macy Santos says:

    Fun, creative way of learning. Nothing beats the joy of spending time with your kiddo and your creativity makes it even more appealing not only to the little boy but also for the big boy..haha.

  26. Oooh! I should try this with my twins:)

  27. Berlin says:

    Such a cute way to learn and bond with our kids. Truly, we can use things around us as learning equipment. No need to buy for expensive ones.

  28. He named each picture as he flipped I decided we would follow that pattern for the rest of the game. If you haven t played a matching game with a preschooler lately, you might be surprised at how well their little memories work!

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