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Marshall, the fire patrol (Open day fire and rescue 2016)

May 21, 2016

It was unfortunate that we miss the Annual Open day of Fire and Rescueat our local fire station last May 20 this year. To be frank, I forgot to keep track of it. Silly mommy… hehe.. 

But anyway, we had the chance to participate in last year’s open day. The event started with giving away souvenirs such as the fire patrol hat and red balloons indicating the Emergency Number which is 000.IMG_0178There was also a talk and demonstration from the firemen about fire safety at home.

Here’s Marshall’s photo seriously watching. hehe..IMG_0182 (1)


Children were allowed to get inside the fire truck which they use for fire and other emergencies.UXHN6555

The firefighters were very friendly and accommodating.IMG_0208

They also gave a chance to use and inspect some of the firefighter’s equipment.IMG_0204

Children made themselves busy by chalk drawing.IMG_0210 IMG_0213IMG_0216It was indeed a pleasant and informative day. 😉
Check out our video 😉


Easter Hat Parade 2017

April 13, 2017

Hurray for another milestone! It was Marshall’s first time to spend an easter together with other kids at his age.

He was proudly wearing our DIY Angy Bird Easter Hat.18596542_1633058950037936_1427076072_o

He’s sitting with his playmates waiting to be called for their easter performance.



Marshall all smiles seeing the easter bunny 😉


Check out their Easter dance 😉


Sydney Easter Show 2017

April 15, 2017

The sun was up at the Sydney Royale Easter Show 2017. We bought our tickets online at an earlier date and got it for $37 each instead of $41. Marshall got a free entry because children 3 years and under are free. Hurray!

The show link ticket already includes back and forth public transport so we just boarded the train going to Sydney Olympic Park.

The event started 9 am but we already arrived nearly 11 in the morning. I was not aware that the place was that huge and there were a lot of stuff to check out so I felt that we were very late.

It is advisable to bring along some sunscreen, hats, water bottle, and extra shirt, especially for the kids.

There were a lot of people so we made sure to always keep an eye on Marshall.

Of course, Marshall cannot take his eyes off of all those fun rides.

..and games too!P4140266

Well, actually it was the adults who spent almost the entire coupons on the games, particularly the one below. 6 of us shared 75 coupons for $70. Coupons can be used for both rides and games.

Our friend, Malou, had her lucky day for bringing home two! Waah!

It was an agricultural show and Marshall was very eager to check out the farm animals.


He even had a chance to touch a lamb.P4140273

There were a lot of food stalls but very few seats available so we just bought take away food, looked for a sheltered corner, and help ourselves on the floor. We also brought with us some canned drinks but maybe next time we will just bring packed lunch as well. hehe.

After few minutes, we roam around the arts and crafts area. Thankfully, it was indoor.

Marshall can’t resist the giant slide eventhough it was terribly hot. I’m so proud of him for giving it a try! 😉

They all tried the slide while I took a video of them. (Takot din kasi ako.. hehe)

About 5 in the afternoon, we headed to the show bags area. Again, I was surprised to see quite a number of people falling in line to come inside.

The items are surprisingly on a much bigger discounted price. 

Although there were a lot of choices for the entire family, we only bought one show bag for Marshall. All these costs $25.

After the live entertainment and gorgeous fireworks in the evening, we headed back home. We definitely had a great time!

It was our first time to experience this event and we did not know that it was that enormous and amazing. Looking forward to next year’s Sydney Royale Easter Show. 🙂

Meanwhile, check out our short Easter Show video. 🙂


P for puzzle

This week is P for puzzle! Check out some more of our A-Z activities. 🙂


O for ocean creatures

Weeh! We are already on our O week of our A-Z activities. And for this week, it’s O for ocean creatures! ;))

Last Christmas, Marshall received a Christmas package from his Ninong Jay-r. I’m not sure how he arranged for the delivery, but the thought that he made an effort considering he’s in the Philippines and we’re here in Sydney, it’s just so sweet of him! 😉


I was overwhelmed by the huge box and so I immediately wrapped it and prepared it as a Christmas present. 17571059_1562397327104099_1797890402_o

Not a single doubt, Marshall was very much excited to open it.

Tadaa! It’s a big tub of ocean creatures from Animal Planet! It includes 50 pieces of various sea creatures including sharks, whales, dolphins, starfish, coral reefs, and a lot more that will surely bring out a child’s imagination to explore the depth of the ocean.

It contains 28 ocean animals, 12 small rocks, 6 seaweeds, 2 corals, and 2 large rocks.

photo grabbed from

Thinking about the mess it would make? No worries! It comes in a clear tub with a lid and a handle so he can easily pack away the figures after he’s done playing.

photo grabbed from

Here’s a video of Marshall enjoying it while bathing 😉



DIY Angry Bird Easter Hat

3PicMonkey Collage

This coming Thursday, April 13, Marshall will have his first Easter hat parade at school. Parents are encouraged to work with the kids to create their own easter bonnet or hat. Hurray to DIY! …and to our old surprise eggs! Since we also have Angry Birds eggs, we decided that we should go for an Angry Birds Theme.

These are the materials:

*old surprise eggs

*glue gun (with glue stick, of course)– parental guidance is a must 😉

*small pompoms

*felt cloth (black, white, green — to go with our theme)

*pair of scissors — again, parental guidance is a must 😉

*felt hat (which we bought from K mart.. It was actually a frog felt hat, so we just made some changes to make it an angry bird piggy.)a17901914_1579111138766051_336647658_o

First, we cut out a green oval to form a nose of the angry bird piggy.a17887261_1579110938766071_205992765_o

and stuck two tiny black felt for the nostrils. a17887290_1579111085432723_1812554791_o

Then, we also cut out two round white felt and stuck tiny black felt on both to form a pair of eyes.a17858331_1579110928766072_2005372349_o

After that, we prepared piggy eyebrows using a cut out black felt cloth.a17902078_1579111055432726_1908172766_o

This is how it looks after sticking them on the felt hat using a glue gun. Thereafter, we glued the egg surprise on top of the hat.a17858626_1579110905432741_935146019_o

I made a grass out of the green felt then glued around the felt hat.a17859010_1579111005432731_1070096948_o

Lastly, we added yellow pompoms on the grass tips.a17902200_1579111178766047_1731065193_o

Tadaa! :))a17838734_1579110972099401_77178058_o

In total, we only spent $2 for the felt hat since we already have our supplies from our not-so-quiet books. And we made this easter hat in just 15 minutes. It’s that simple! 😉a17858234_1579110808766084_955311525_o

Yey! Ready for the Easter Hat Parade! 😉a17858298_1579110988766066_1391411543_o

I bet you can also do your own easter hat using old stuff!

Here’s a short video of our DIY Angry Birds Easter Hat. Happy Easter everyone! :))


Zoo-themed party! (Marshall @ 2)

November 07, 2015 was Marshall’s 2nd birthday. And yes, again this was a super late entry considering that was a year and a half ago. Anyway, he’s birthday at that time fell on a weekend, and thankfully, he was with us in Singapore! Hurray! Nevertheless, I still did an open letter for him 😉

Considering it’s a foreign country, we knew that it would cost a leg and an arm to throw a kiddie birthday party unless we would be frugal enough to just celebrate it at home. On the other hand, we will be leaving Singapore at that time, for good, so might as well consider it as a despedida too.

We surveyed and researched various venues to held the event and then we figured out that there’s no better place to paint the town red other than he’s favorite playhouse which is Happy Willow.

Upon checking their packages, we opted for the standard pixie and fun party. It wasn’t that costly so we called to book right away and we were lucky enough to get the exact day we wanted which is his actual birthday. We were also blessed that we met one of the staff there, Majoy, who is also a Filipino. She was very accommodating and tried to grant all our requests for the party. The package includes 2 hours use of the party room, party balloons for all children, free flow of Ice Water for kids, customized email invites and cards for guests. But she actually handed over hard copies of the invites. yey!


and what’s super cool is the Unlimited Playtime Fun in the play garden. It was also nice to know that her sister, Hazel, has a catering business, Kitchen Therapy, so we also got the contact from her to order our food and our cake. Right there and then we already hit two stones at a time.

We wanted a zoo themed party but not to the extent of spending too much. Hence, we decided to do some DIY decorations, props, and souvenirs.

We printed some images and letterings for the decors.IMG_5453

Dada and I were both hands on with the preparation.IMG_5574

Even Marshall was also lending a hand. Good job! 😉IMG_5445Remember these souvenirs from Marshall’s christening? There were few more left, so we decided to just change the photo and give it as a souvenir. 😉

We cut out animal images and stapled it on brown bags to make it our loot bags. Yey to DIY!

Since the venue is a play house, there were already some decors, but we added some more animal printed banderitas that we cut out.P1011686PB071764P1011687

Busyng-busy ang mommy 🙂P1011692

We also provided socks for the guests, and of course, it was animal printed. Remember these photo accessories? These were the same accessories we used on Marshall’s 1st birthdayIMG_5672IMG_5671P1011700

The food were sumptuous! 😉PB071713

We bought animal-shaped paper plates, party hats, and tissue for the kids to make it more fun! 😉 IMG_5675IMG_5676

Marshmallows that we also decorated by putting a toothpick with a giraffe image. 😉


Our DIY loot bags 😉IMG_5679IMG_5680

This is actually a yema cake from Kitchen Therapy. Lovely! 😉

Chocolate cupcakes also from Kitchen Therapy! It’s so cute right? 😉IMG_5683IMG_5685

Feeling may birthday! 😉PB071706

Marshall with Nanay 😉PB071766PB071796 PB071800 PB071805 PB071813 PB071818PB071770 PB071774 PB071776 PB071785IMG_5690PB071881 PB071885

We didn’t prepare for a program. It was just a free and fun event for everyone!PB071823 PB071830 PB071838 PB071839 PB071890IMG_5720PB071709IMG_5698 IMG_5699 IMG_5703 IMG_5707 IMG_5710PB071718PB071721


I guess everyone we’re tickled pink! Thank God for this blessing! 🙂



Car race-themed party (Marshall @ 1)

This was Marshall’s 1st birthday celebration last November 08, 2014. He’s actually 3 years and 5 months now. Haha! I know, I know! This is a very long overdue post and finally, I was able to squeeze in some time to check our almost full hard drive and upload these photos here. As a matter of fact, I still have a bunch of photos that are still waiting to be synced, so please bear with the busy mom.

It was more than 2 years ago, hence, it seems as though it was just a couple of weeks back. Oh.. time really flies… I can still remember the open letter I wrote to him.

Back in 2014, Dada and I were both working in Singapore while Marshall was in the Philippines. These were those moments which we were still separated by distance and it was truly heartbreaking. His first birthday, unfortunately, fell on a weekday (Friday) and sadly I wasn’t granted a leave so we were left with no other choice but to celebrate it on a Saturday instead. Dada and I went back to Philippines and stayed there for 36 hours then flew back to Singapore thereafter. Imagine that!

Because of this time constraint, we planned for a hassle free celebration and glad that we found a great deal from Max’s. We’ve been eyeing their package initially when Marshall had his Baptismal but we changed our plans that time. So for his 1st year, we decided to go ahead with their package.

I’m so lucky to have a very hands on sister in law, Tetet, as she helped us survey a location and speak to the staff for all our requests, on behalf of Dada and I.10644785_10203173435239692_307151491750818619_o10275502_10203174368143014_6521555201716587438_o

Max’s have various theme package but of course, we chose the racer package and requested for black, red, and white balloons. We opted for Kids B for 20 kids.

They already provided the birthday tarpaulin.1557224_10203173436879733_5887282897305321549_o

But still, we also brought ours. The Staff helped us placed it in a corner so we can use it as a photo booth area. 10428303_10203174365462947_3797264622420647413_o

We also carried with us our own party accessories and decors which we purchased in Divi. 🙂10655445_10203174358422771_4496547469317036829_o1490810_10203174396103713_3906649657393534971_o10750072_10203174362022861_8687483104451785445_o10688388_10203174363582900_6888627943292750631_o10355567_10203174364462922_3075067404787588601_o

The kids were provided with their own kiddie chairs and tables.10629395_10203173440919834_6162271164036744479_o
and were given name tags and party hats.10750479_10203173444639927_1191208135867717648_o

Games and prizes were included. Pulot ng coins! 😉1957687_10203173449200041_4906022614798197521_o

Marshall was also searching for one.10273208_10203173449720054_1670499954048489688_oAnd he was able to pick one! 🙂10486154_10203173450720079_7613041812920636201_o10484167_10203174370623076_3094801574300687873_o10371168_10203174368863032_3028382885672673901_o

Of course, there was a game for the bigger kids too! 🙂marshall@151401195_10203173456360220_8569084290019262024_o

I guess they enjoyed the game more than the kids! hehe!10750449_10203174377983260_5812775022354524865_o

When the game was done, the food were all served. 10682192_10203173443159890_8175801013522438163_o

We decided to take Menu 2 for 50 persons. 10515140_10203173439919809_8447658964662132523_o10295106_10203174384343419_8035945231624792671_o

Honestly, I wasn’t able to eat well cause I was busy with Marshall and was tied up with chikahan. But the guests seemed to be pleased with the meal, so thumbs up!10517647_10203173439479798_8578861755482725642_o10380615_10203174395503698_5069166112119185075_o1273936_10203174387183490_360831263010404219_o

And the kids enjoyed their food as well.10623993_10203173434839682_2652185561208272301_o10661632_10203173459080288_2533644395716390483_o10714467_10203173459360295_4136153864468773785_o1401670_10203173460360320_8389824430558728441_oAnd Marshall loved it too!905848_10203173460800331_7596869175865718646_o10486154_10203173453760155_3792308216585230337_o10486154_10203173454200166_2020694772146188736_o1966033_10203173451600101_7693519659653754426_o

After the meal, Chickie boy came!10547782_10203173461000336_1519552520673498367_o

I guess Marshall was surprised with the mascot!10712583_10203173461800356_201560856801112242_o1891441_10203174397223741_2327987287086693585_o10733847_10203174398063762_2868567935671195548_o10712678_10203173462360370_2131498933971856898_o

After some time, we then sang a happy birthday song for marshall while blowing his cake.10712625_10203173443839907_1867566826061563579_o

This cake was included in the package.10608380_10203174372863132_4079488962765538469_o-1024x768a10620290_10203174400023811_7407307507103152600_o10733382_10203174402183865_8222652715254855907_o10749942_10203174402743879_3265129018393192983_o

Then, the Birthday Cake Smash.10275609_10203174412504123_6412616755094712029_o

We let him smash the cake just a bit kasi sayang! Actually, he only took the car toy! hehe! And we brought home the cake.10714175_10203174412824131_6602853351939510415_o

Anyway, we brought our own cupcakes for everyone to eat. We ordered from one of our friend who had some baking business. Mas mura compared to other cupcakes store and yet it’s tasteful. The Staff allowed us to set up a mini candy bar. We were lucky that they didn’t ask for additional payment. Sweets were brought by my other sister in law, Ate Leah. We placed car accessories labels.a10679724_10203174372423121_1733151793799540683_o-1024x768

Chocolate and red velvet cupcakes.a10634087_10203173442879883_7328217921388482225_o-1024x683

After that, we gave our big surprise for the birthday boy!marshall@1410608543_10203174406863982_5687731335470962854_o10620205_10203174409624051_4401784378112536513_o10255642_10203173463920409_6367107238805886586_o

Overall, we had fun during that big day! Big thanks to Max’s staff and crew for all the help during the event. And of course, this wouldn’t be possible without our families and friends who celebrated with us.

To God be the glory! 🙂10472823_10203174388143514_9067647677494741764_o10623752_10203174393463647_8113582119360259378_o10679703_10203174420224316_326299062109970241_o1799140_10203174416184215_8186557964866307467_o10694279_10203174419184290_7237109038164660143_o10697151_10203174428544524_3583938815598458013_o10712490_10203174365502948_3268613725643263272_o10714231_10203174421384345_1656822057880203206_o1399716_10203174389463547_7397307208102819723_o1495150_10203174414184165_7629887660721066708_omarshall@131553060_10203174380743329_1702443684886884480_o1399716_10203174389463547_7397307208102819723_o1658187_10203174385423446_8323160205830475647_o1008685_10203174391063587_5636180836527516549_o1599328_10203174423264392_5242361378209956611_o1553414_10203174425864457_6765511443556048942_oThat night we all went to sleep late as we were busy opening all his gifts.marshall11

The next morning we had a feast again before flying back to Singapore. Nothing beats a simple boodle fight with the family 😉IMG_0088

It was indeed a memorable first birthday! 😉 Thank you God for this blessing! 🙂


#2 not-so-quiet book (NUMBERS)

This is our second not-so-quiet-book.
Same as our 1st book, it is hand sewn, which I did it myself, designed for kids ages 2 and older. It is a great educational toy that stimulates children’s imagination and encourages active learning through play. This book is perfect when traveling, waiting, or just simply to keep your kid busy. It is also a good tool to establish your kid’s patience. 😉
This book will definitely give your kid unlimited learning, such as:
– counting numbers and reading words
– learn different colors
– enhances gross and fine motor skills
Here are the pages:

page 1

Numbers can be taken out and snap again on the velcro.

page 2

page 3

Play with the cars like driving up and down while counting.

page 4

Play this page like abacus, counting the beads one by one.

page 5

Open each “room” and you can see different eyed-monsters .page 6


page 6

page 7

Apple picking. Pick apple/apples depending on the number indicated on each basket.

page 8


Materials used: felt, cotton, beads, buttons, ribbons, hot glue, velcro, wiggly eyes,
Important note: The book includes small loose parts and parental guidance is a must at all times.
You can also check out our other not-so-quiet books  as well as the A-Z activities.
Here’s a video of Marshall playing and at the same time studying his numbers 🙂


doing Mom’s work

Last year, Marshall and I mostly spent our days at home learning (and playing), (lots of playing!). As a stay at home mom, I do all the household chores. Dada helps me at times when he’s not that tired from work, but usually, I do everything. And then I realize, should I involve Marshall as early at his age? Anyway, we’re buddies at home so why not let him help me with all my house works? hehe! Just kidding!

But seriously, I want him to have the responsibility and lend me a hand, at the earliest possible time. It was around May last year, which I guess was a perfect time since Marshall was not yet attending his pre-school, (he was still 2 1/2 years old at that time). I started teaching him some of my basic household routine one of which is, washing the dishes.

But turns out.. uhm, just watch the video hehe 😉

If you think kids can help with the dishes, well.. think again. #butatleastwesharedagoodlaugh

Posted by Jenelyn Palogod-Uboñgen on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I thought to myself, is it still too early to give him a simple task to do since he thinks everything is just a play? But then again, when you watched the video, he still tried his best to help me in his own funny way. And I figure out, it would be better for him to learn when he is having fun. At the same time, I also need to emphasize what he is expected to do. Aside from picking up and fixing his toys after use, slowly, he was able to catch up with our routine. Here’s a video of him doing our household chores. 😉

When he turned 3 last November, Dada and I both agreed for him to go to preschool. He’s at school every Mondays and Tuesdays for the whole day. After school, he will rest for about half an hour and we will water the plants. I asked him to do the watering daily and he’s good at reminding me cause I tend to forget about it. Every Wednesday, we both attend a half day playgroup session and then he will have the whole afternoon to rest, and play of course. Thursdays would be our weekly fun activities which coincide with some of my household chores like laundry and dishwashing or at times cooking as well, and he would help out. He would also do the dishes with me during Friday after breakfast and lunch. He’s free thereafter until Sunday. Of course, we tell Marshall how happy we are and how we appreciate it when he’s contributing to the tasks. During weekends, we would allow him to use Ipad, as a reward, only if he remembers it. If not, then better. Mind you, he’s already reminding us on Friday mornings, haha!

Most kids nowadays are very much pampered. In a way, I guess some parents tend to give everything or almost everything, and children basically do nothing at all. I’m not the perfect parent and I also have a lot of flaws when it comes to parenting, but personally, I think that involving our kids to chores is very vital to a family life. It gives them a sense of competence and responsibility, plus the fact that it lessens my stress as well. 😉

*Proverbs 10:4-5  Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. He who gathers crops in summer is a prudent son, but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son.