Tobringtogether 2018 Recap

If I would sum up our 2018 in one word, I guess, ACHIEVED should be the perfect term. Personally, along with the whole family, we have attained a great number of accomplishments for the previous year.

Early of last year when I received my certificate as an Australian Registered Nurse. It was just in time for our surprise visit in the Philippines, which was a success. Both of our families had no idea that we were going to spend the holiday there. Seeing their astonished faces made our hearts jumped in joy. It was a good moment to celebrate Nanay and Rod’s birthday. We also had a quick getaway to Baguio and Pangasinan.

In April, I got my first job as a Cathlab RN. (Yes, may sweldo na! haha!). Thereafter, I got my Australia Learner’s Drivers License. A day after our 5th year anniversary in June, we received our permanent residency visa. It was a huge anniversary gift for us and another reason to celebrate with the family in the Philippines aside from Papa’s 60th birthday. By the way, that was another surprise holiday again. Papa was startled when he saw us at home. From the way he looks, I knew that it really meant a lot for him. In August, we traveled to Japan for Tetet’s graduation. We definitely had a great time and Marshall was in bliss when we went to Disneyland. When we came back from vacation, we moved to our own rented unit. For the past 2 1/2 years, we were previously sharing a unit with our couple friend. This is the first time that we are living together as a family with just the three of us. Moving out was really strenuous yet we were truly excited.

November is Marshall’s birthday. He just turned 5 and he had really grown so much! Tetet also came to visit us. December is the busiest month since it’s my birthday along with other Christmas parties. Rod gave me my first ever car as a birthday gift. (waah! pressured na magdrive! hehe). Marshall also graduated at preschool and getting ready for his big school.

2018 is truly a laborious year yet it was full of absolute fun and adventure. Though there are some difficulties along the way, God has always blessed us with the most amazing family and friends. Sharing a glimpse of our 2018. Ending the year with my most favorite thing to do… editing videos! Nakakamiss... Looking forward to what the coming new year would bring! Let’s do this! :))