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L for lion

Feeding a toddler is one of the dilemmas of being a mom. I’m not sure how many can relate, but my 3-year-old son is always “mapili” when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Well, honestly, I used to be one when I was his age. hehe.

But as early as possible, I would like him to have the habit of eating healthy foods.

Last week was our L week activity, and just in time, I prepared a fun yet healthy snack for him.

Tenen.. 😉


I used bread, cut into round shape, spread some peanut butter, and surrounded it with oranges. Topped it with some banana, raisins, and strawberry. And of course cheese. He loves cheese!

It’s easy and simple.

Here’s a short video of our L week in addition to our A-Z activities. 🙂


Art of Letting go

Hi Marshall, 

5 days to go and it’s Christmas!

It’s your last day at school for this year. You’ll have almost 2 weeks to rest at home and be with mami and dada! yey!

You started going to preschool beginning of this month. It’s a full-day child care sort of a pre-learning center for children from 6 mos to 5 yrs.

Initially, your orientation day went smoothly. We spent an hour in the preschool for you to familiarize with your surroundings, teachers, and (soon to be) friends.

A week after, we brought you to school and there were very much anticipation. But during lunch time, the teacher updated me that you were already upset and crying. We picked you up early. Next day was the same. But your teachers informed us that it usually happens during first few weeks.

When we picked you up, you told us in a funny tone, “You limot me.. you limot Marshall.” (you forgot about me.. you forgot Marshall..)

Next day, same thing you said, “You limot me again..” in a funnier tone.

It probably hasn’t sunk in yet on your mind that we need to leave you at school though we already explained a hundred times.

On your 2nd week, there was less excitement on your face. And you said in a sad voice, “Don’t iwan (leave) me, cause I miss you. I love you”. It breaks our hearts but we still bid goodbye.


you were very tired from school and you slept right away

Today, when dada and I left you at school, you cried again. You tried to chase us but the teacher already carried you though you kept on shouting, “No, No, No”. We hid from the back door while peeking and observing at you.  We saw you looking at the group of children playing play doh, while you were there on the floor sitting all by yourself. We felt guilty and sad as well but we continued to walked away quietly.

We hope someday when you looked back at this moment, you will understand why we did not get inside the room to grab you and take you home with us. We wanted to but we chose not to. We want you to explore the things around you and meet different kinds of people. We believe that we all need to learn the art of letting go. You may find yourself alone. But remember, that you are never alone. We are here for you. Your family. Always.

One day,  we will still see this same genuine smile, in your older version.We are one proud parents. You can do it Marshall! We love you! 🙂



Mom and Dad


on our way to school 😉


my baby is no longer a baby

One of the most important milestones of a child (and parents too) is being toilet trained. There is no definite age to start a child’s potty training. It can start as early as 18 months, or maybe around 3-4 years, or later than that.

Initially, we started training Marshall just before he turned 2. Back then, with the help of my mom and mom in law, we would wean him on his nappy when he’s at home. We also bought him potty chair, and toddler seat cover.  But it was not successful. He was not yet able to hold his pee and he would wet his pants most of the time and whichever place you can think of.

That time, we decided to put him back again on nappies. When I finally left work for good, I wanted to start training him again. But in preparation for our transfer to another country, we were not at home most of the time, so I thought of delaying it.

Same thing when we went back to Philippines before coming in Sydney, I could not start training him for the reason that we travel most of the time. Then I made a plan to probably do it once we arrived in Sydney. When we came here, the plan did not turn out as it should be thinking that it wouldn’t be a good thing to mess around the house we were renting at that time.


After a month, Dada was assigned back to Singapore. Again we travelled with him, and so it was postponed. After a month we came back in Sydney. This time, I didn’t rush on things. I just allowed Marshall to take his time using nappy. Until May this year, I decided we need to start training him. If not now, then when? So slowly we took off his nappy when we’re at home. At the start, I reminded him to pee every 30mins. I would set an alarm so I will be reminded as well.

Marshall first learned to poop in the toilet. We were actually surprised hearing him call us that he’s done and he needs help to wash. As a matter of fact, he just had one pooping accident on the floor and that was during the first trial of toilet training when we were still in Singapore. Other than that, we are still lucky enough.

But it’s a different story when it comes to peeing. There were times that he does not want to pee even after few consecutive alarms. But after few minutes he would wet his shorts. Consistently, I and Rod still reminded him to go and pee.

Until one day before going out, I was surprised that he was wearing his shorts by himself. I told him he forgot to wear his nappy. Cause usually he would wear his nappy and clothes by himself.

This time, he replied, “I don’t want (to) wear diaper.” I’m not a baby.

I was hesitant in my mind, But I trusted him.

I replied “wow, you’re a big boy na! Ok, you will tell mami or dada if you wanna go to toilet ok. Kasi if you “wiwi” in your shorts you’ll be wet and then the floor outside will also be wet.”

“Ok mom”, he answered.

When we arrived at the mall, I reminded him to pee first. Cause I was worried he has already the urge. He politely obliged. Then we roam around, and after few hours, he was the one who told me to go to toilet to pee. We then went home and it was the first day of success. That night he still refused to wear nappy during sleep. Again I was hesitant at first, but I trusted him again. I just thought to myself, If ever he wet the bed, it’s alright, at least he tried. The next morning, I was surprised that he had really controlled his urine.

It has been a month and he is officially out of nappies. Yey goodbye diaper! goodbye Huggies! Although we were very thankful that Marshall never had a nappy rash when he was using Huggies. He was very comfortable with it for the past 2 years.

Things I’ve learned in this toilet training process:

-Don’t rush things.

Kids know when they’re ready, and we (moms and dads) need to catch that moment.


I am thankful that Dada helped me with this process. He would also remind Marshall especially those times I missed the alarm. Toilet training is not just for the kids. It also creates bonding within the family while cheering up on your child’s progress. And we are also very thankful to have wonderful housemates that understand the mess of our training process.

-Be patient.

Of course, there will be a lot of accidents. He will pee in every place you can think of. And you would have to clean and wipe not just once or twice, and you don’t need to count. That’s gonna be included in the process. Every one of us has been on this stage. And we just have to give encouragement to our child that eventually, he can do it. You can actually ask him/her to help with the cleaning so he will be aware and be more mindful the next time.

For additional protection especially during bedtime, I placed under pads under the bedsheet so as not to wet the mattress itself.


There were times that when Marshall wet his pants, I also blame myself because I probably forgot to remind him. What I did was to set an alarm, initially every 30 minutes, if he did not pee within that 30 minutes, I snoozed it. Until he peed, then I set the alarm again. Slowly progress to hourly, 2 hourly, and so on, and eventually he will have the control of it. I also downloaded some toilet training apps that have a record page that he can refer to and he’d be eager to look at it every time he gets to pee on the toilet.

-Trust your child.

Parents (especially moms) think too much. I myself is an overthinker. But give your trust to your child and he would be happy to see that you believe in him/her. One day, you’ll be surprised, he did it. You did it! 🙂


My baby’s 1st winter

Winter has already started earlier this June. When we came back here last March, the temperature was already cold like having a centralized aircon. Unlike the first time we went here in January, the temperature that time reached to 40 deg Celsius. 

This is our first winter! Yey!

We didn’t bring any winter clothes so we bought some for Marshall.

Luckily, there was a 50% sale from online shopping at Pumpkin Patch so we shopped for him. There were a lot of cute baby and big boys/girls winter clothes but we just bought a few. IMG_0036

It only took 3 days for me to receive the delivery.

He then tried on the jackets and here he is. 🙂

The fabrics are thick yet very comfortable.


On the other hand, the boots were bought from gumtree. The item was still in mint condition and we actually got it from a Filipino seller. When he learned that we just moved here in Sydney, he and his wife gave away several toys for Mashall, in addition to some cleaning appliances.

Though at times we heard a lot of unpleasant experiences of our fellowmen , dada and I feel really blessed that we are able to meet some of these people that despite the fact that they have gone so far, you can still feel their unbelievable generosity and genuineness especially to individuals like us who are still on the process of stabilizing ourselves in this new environment. And that is one of the values we would want Marshall to learn and adapt until he has his own identity.

Here’s our short video for his first winter modelling 😉

To ensure he would have a good rest this winter, (and other seasons as well), I’ll set up a comfortable sleeping mattress for him. You may check out Kokopax baby mattress. 🙂


C for caterpillar

Yey! We’re on the 3rd letter of the alphabet!


C for caterpillar.13340928_1232373136773188_2007108344_o

We will need:

-art papers (it’s your choice what color you’d like to use)

-egg carton

-wiggly eyes

-scotch tape


-pair of scissors


You need to cut the egg carton till you get this shape below.

(Cutting out need parental assistance)13389336_1234474166563085_2014065870_o13321062_1232373230106512_926228196_o (1)Cut out different shapes and just stick it to the egg carton until everything is fully covered.

Then just stick the wiggly eyes and a small rolled cut out art paper for the antennae.13351212_1232373183439850_111504406_o (1)

I secured it with a tape and attached it on a paper to make it shaped into letter C.13334739_1232373223439846_535321973_o (1)

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Meanwhile, here’s our short video:


A for apple


A for apple.

Basically you need:

-art papers (red, green, and brown)

-scotch tape

-pair of scissors

Initially I wanted to cut out some leaves for the apples, but nevermind. 🙂


I used the red art paper for the apple cut outs.

We do not have brown art paper so I just used the plain bond paper, cut it into a small apple branch-like and asked Marshall to color it brown.

He quickly obliged.

Cutting out needs parental assistance.


This is for the tree.


You just need to stick the tree on the wall and ask your kid to paste the apple cut outs on the tree.

Once in a while, you may ask them for the color of the apple, or the leaves, or the branch of the tree.

After which, you can start counting the apple cut outs they have pasted.

This is a simple yet fun activity for the kids.

They will learn about colors and numbers.



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