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#2 not-so-quiet book (NUMBERS)

This is our second not-so-quiet-book.
Same as our 1st book, it is hand sewn, which I did it myself, designed for kids ages 2 and older. It is a great educational toy that stimulates children’s imagination and encourages active learning through play. This book is perfect when traveling, waiting, or just simply to keep your kid busy. It is also a good tool to establish your kid’s patience. 😉
This book will definitely give your kid unlimited learning, such as:
– counting numbers and reading words
– learn different colors
– enhances gross and fine motor skills
Here are the pages:

page 1

Numbers can be taken out and snap again on the velcro.

page 2

page 3

Play with the cars like driving up and down while counting.

page 4

Play this page like abacus, counting the beads one by one.

page 5

Open each “room” and you can see different eyed-monsters .page 6


page 6

page 7

Apple picking. Pick apple/apples depending on the number indicated on each basket.

page 8


Materials used: felt, cotton, beads, buttons, ribbons, hot glue, velcro, wiggly eyes,
Important note: The book includes small loose parts and parental guidance is a must at all times.
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Here’s a video of Marshall playing and at the same time studying his numbers 🙂


C for caterpillar

Yey! We’re on the 3rd letter of the alphabet!


C for caterpillar.13340928_1232373136773188_2007108344_o

We will need:

-art papers (it’s your choice what color you’d like to use)

-egg carton

-wiggly eyes

-scotch tape


-pair of scissors


You need to cut the egg carton till you get this shape below.

(Cutting out need parental assistance)13389336_1234474166563085_2014065870_o13321062_1232373230106512_926228196_o (1)Cut out different shapes and just stick it to the egg carton until everything is fully covered.

Then just stick the wiggly eyes and a small rolled cut out art paper for the antennae.13351212_1232373183439850_111504406_o (1)

I secured it with a tape and attached it on a paper to make it shaped into letter C.13334739_1232373223439846_535321973_o (1)

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Meanwhile, here’s our short video:


B for banana

Hi! Welcome to our B week.


B for Banana.

Marshall enjoyed our previous apple tree activity and so,

I just changed our fruit tree into banana-shaped cut outs.

Again this is an easy activity.

Actually, what we would need are almost the same things that we used the last time.

-art papers (green, brown, and yellow for this time)

-scotch tape

-a pair of scissors

We will need to cut our yellow art papers into banana-shaped cut outs.

For me, I usually draw a simple pattern of that fruit before I cut it.

And you can cut as many as you want, depending on the numbers that your kid knows.

Cutting out needs parental assistance. 13389105_1234449326565569_1818564647_o

Same thing, after pasting the fruit tree on the wall,

I asked Marshall to stick the bananas on the tree.

From time to time I would ask him the color of the bananas.

And then ask him to count by himself.


We saved the apple cut outs we previously used and he wanted to stick it all together with the bananas.I just allowed him to play with it.

I just allowed him to play with it.

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Meanwhile, here’s our banana activity video 😉


A for apple


A for apple.

Basically you need:

-art papers (red, green, and brown)

-scotch tape

-pair of scissors

Initially I wanted to cut out some leaves for the apples, but nevermind. 🙂


I used the red art paper for the apple cut outs.

We do not have brown art paper so I just used the plain bond paper, cut it into a small apple branch-like and asked Marshall to color it brown.

He quickly obliged.

Cutting out needs parental assistance.


This is for the tree.


You just need to stick the tree on the wall and ask your kid to paste the apple cut outs on the tree.

Once in a while, you may ask them for the color of the apple, or the leaves, or the branch of the tree.

After which, you can start counting the apple cut outs they have pasted.

This is a simple yet fun activity for the kids.

They will learn about colors and numbers.



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