B for banana

Hi! Welcome to our B week.


B for Banana.

Marshall enjoyed our previous apple tree activity and so,

I just changed our fruit tree into banana-shaped cut outs.

Again this is an easy activity.

Actually, what we would need are almost the same things that we used the last time.

-art papers (green, brown, and yellow for this time)

-scotch tape

-a pair of scissors

We will need to cut our yellow art papers into banana-shaped cut outs.

For me, I usually draw a simple pattern of that fruit before I cut it.

And you can cut as many as you want, depending on the numbers that your kid knows.

Cutting out needs parental assistance. 13389105_1234449326565569_1818564647_o

Same thing, after pasting the fruit tree on the wall,

I asked Marshall to stick the bananas on the tree.

From time to time I would ask him the color of the bananas.

And then ask him to count by himself.

We saved the apple cut outs we previously used and he wanted to stick it all together with the bananas.I just allowed him to play with it.

I just allowed him to play with it.

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Meanwhile, here’s our banana activity video. Don’t forget to subscribe! 😉


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