D for dinosaur.

Marshall is very fond of dinosaurs.

Good dinosaur is one of his favourite movie, especially the part when Arlo and Spot was talking about family., this is a sad part but he always remember the word “family”.

grabbed from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_O5UO1nQfY

Anyway, this day, I decided to play with our reserved egg cartons. Everytime we buy eggs, we keep the egg cartons for our future craft use.

And this day, we made a dinosaur hat.

I actually forgot to take a photo of how I cut out the egg carton. But don’t worry moms/dads, it is very easy.. Just cut it out til you get this dinosaur-like spikes.

Then I cut out a piece of art paper and roll it into a circle. I taped both ends. Make sure it can fit the kids head.13410617_1236053913071777_1222540177_o

and the adults too.. 😉

After which, we made a dinosaur painting using our hands.13405622_1236053779738457_2077424759_o

It was a fun day after all. 🙂13388970_1236053743071794_1561237571_o

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