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M for memory/matching game

I’m just so glad that while Marshall is learning at home, I can see that he is also enjoying, a lot!

This week is play time! Well, actually most of the time is just play time for us. hihi.

We are on our ‘M’ week, and we have another add on to our A-Z activities.

We played a memory/matching game.

I was actually thinking of something that matches colors and luckily I found some colored covers of his used playdough.


After lining up and arranging the colored covers, I initially covered with cut out papers. But it was not a very good idea since I saw him already peeking. tsk tsk! hehe


So I covered those with paper cups instead. haha!


Ready to play!


Here’s our fun game together with dada. By the way, few hours from now and it’s our dada’s birthday! Happy birthday dada! Just nice to have a video of them together. Please excuse my “sinisipon voice” on the video. Nevertheless, enjoy! 🙂


first meet up with dada

November 30, 2013


 Ama was so excited to hold and kiss you for the first time.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t around when I deliver you. He actually came home to Philippines on November 01, 2013. He stayed for 3 days for we were expecting you would already come out on those days. But you were so attached to me that you did not come out yet. He then went back to Singapore and after 3 days, I was already in delivery room. haha!

Ama was so excited to carry you so he booked a ticket again to come back home. Have you noticed how frequent he come home for us?

Well, we love you so much ama! 🙂