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Zoo-themed party! (Marshall @ 2)

November 07, 2015 was Marshall’s 2nd birthday. And yes, again this was a super late entry considering that was a year and a half ago. Anyway, he’s birthday at that time fell on a weekend, and thankfully, he was with us in Singapore! Hurray! Nevertheless, I still did an open letter for him 😉

Considering it’s a foreign country, we knew that it would cost a leg and an arm to throw a kiddie birthday party unless we would be frugal enough to just celebrate it at home. On the other hand, we will be leaving Singapore at that time, for good, so might as well consider it as a despedida too.

We surveyed and researched various venues to held the event and then we figured out that there’s no better place to paint the town red other than he’s favorite playhouse which is Happy Willow.

Upon checking their packages, we opted for the standard pixie and fun party. It wasn’t that costly so we called to book right away and we were lucky enough to get the exact day we wanted which is his actual birthday. We were also blessed that we met one of the staff there, Majoy, who is also a Filipino. She was very accommodating and tried to grant all our requests for the party. The package includes 2 hours use of the party room, party balloons for all children, free flow of Ice Water for kids, customized email invites and cards for guests. But she actually handed over hard copies of the invites. yey!


and what’s super cool is the Unlimited Playtime Fun in the play garden. It was also nice to know that her sister, Hazel, has a catering business, Kitchen Therapy, so we also got the contact from her to order our food and our cake. Right there and then we already hit two stones at a time.

We wanted a zoo themed party but not to the extent of spending too much. Hence, we decided to do some DIY decorations, props, and souvenirs.

We printed some images and letterings for the decors.IMG_5453

Dada and I were both hands on with the preparation.IMG_5574

Even Marshall was also lending a hand. Good job! 😉IMG_5445Remember these souvenirs from Marshall’s christening? There were few more left, so we decided to just change the photo and give it as a souvenir. 😉

We cut out animal images and stapled it on brown bags to make it our loot bags. Yey to DIY!

Since the venue is a play house, there were already some decors, but we added some more animal printed banderitas that we cut out.P1011686PB071764P1011687

Busyng-busy ang mommy 🙂P1011692

We also provided socks for the guests, and of course, it was animal printed. Remember these photo accessories? These were the same accessories we used on Marshall’s 1st birthdayIMG_5672IMG_5671P1011700

The food were sumptuous! 😉PB071713

We bought animal-shaped paper plates, party hats, and tissue for the kids to make it more fun! 😉 IMG_5675IMG_5676

Marshmallows that we also decorated by putting a toothpick with a giraffe image. 😉


Our DIY loot bags 😉IMG_5679IMG_5680

This is actually a yema cake from Kitchen Therapy. Lovely! 😉

Chocolate cupcakes also from Kitchen Therapy! It’s so cute right? 😉IMG_5683IMG_5685

Feeling may birthday! 😉PB071706

Marshall with Nanay 😉PB071766PB071796 PB071800 PB071805 PB071813 PB071818PB071770 PB071774 PB071776 PB071785IMG_5690PB071881 PB071885

We didn’t prepare for a program. It was just a free and fun event for everyone!PB071823 PB071830 PB071838 PB071839 PB071890IMG_5720PB071709IMG_5698 IMG_5699 IMG_5703 IMG_5707 IMG_5710PB071718PB071721


I guess everyone we’re tickled pink! Thank God for this blessing! 🙂



a letter to my 2-year-old son

Dear not-so-little man,

Seems like yesterday when I found myself teary-eyed pleading for few days of leave just to get back home to you and celebrate your first year. Though it was not granted, we still managed to go back on a weekend and consumed 36hours enjoying your big day. IMG_5257.JPG

Today marks your 2nd year and despite the fact that we have mostly spent a long distance relationship with you during your first year, glad that we can withstand the difficult times.  

Though there were few, or should I say,  several occasions we cannot deny  we missed each other a lot.  

However, from then on, till now, we are very thankful to God for giving us the most wondrous family for helping us look after you, and for taking turns in staying with us here in Singapore and bracing the immigration issues.

Anak, like what we have been telling you.. please always be grateful for this family. Gone are the days when I can just hold you in my arms, sway and lay you in bed peacefully. Now is the time of non-stop playing, chasing, running, and goofing around. I do not know where is that energy coming from, but just thanking God for giving you such good health and great vitality.

People notices that you’re becoming more alike dada.But we cannot deny that at this stage, you already have your own adorable identity. It was not so long ago when you cannot utter even a single word but just hearing your giggles fills our home, and hearts, with joy.

But along the way, your unrecognizable words turn into real thoughts and it is pleasantly surprising. You’re a fast learner and catches up quickly on new words,  to the point that you also learn to reason out. (oh no!) We are amazed by the way how you can speak up several words. Every call from you is a music to our ears, and every time you hold and grab our hands to sit beside you is a precious moment. I won’t ever be tired listening to your ceaselessly enthusiastic songs.

We are very proud hearing you sing ABC’s and confidently count from 1-10 (then skipping to 16, 18,20).

I love seeing you read books especially with dada, as if it’s a part of our bedtime routine.

You love cars,   and you go crazy with balloons.  In a way, you are our little helper. Keep it up! 😉  You are one talented individual.  We wouldn’t be surprised if one day, we will see you performing on the stage.  
On the other hand, You are now becoming a stubborn strong willed person. You know what you want and you want it right away and we still gotta work on that patience, though. There were days when you would just throw tantrums and makes us go crazy but the moment you utter the words “sowie” and “wabyu” while crying, melts our heart every time.

As the days passed, things are getting more challenging and demanding and at times I found myself in unfavorable situations. The mess, the toys, the tantrums, and hundreds of unpredictable naughty things you did stress me out. Most of the time, you pull me from all sides for attention. But those times of togetherness will never be taken for granted for I know those times are valuable and it is never going to come back.

You are a little gentleman and you really let me feel treasured with your concern and love. Every time you see me coming out from the bathroom, you would quickly run and turn off the fan while saying lamig mommy”, quickly running to me and giving me a tight embrace so I wont feel cold. The way you put your head on my chest while saying “wabyu mommy”, like it’s the safest place for you. It is love in its purest and honest form. It is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced.

Anak, thank you for understanding us for the times dada and i need to go for work and to have our weekly dates.We can see that at times you wanted to come with us, instead you just give both of us a sweet kiss and say “babay” waving your cute little hands.

I have had many arguments with dada especially when it comes to disciplining you and we are very sorry that there were times you happen to see it.  We still have unlike views but have learned to listen to each other. In time we will learn to parent as a team.

By the time you read this we would probably be missing your kakulitans. How time runs quickly. It amuses us seeing you grown so fast. If only we can slow down the time so we could have more cuddle time together, more bedtime stories to read, more nursery rhymes to sing, more exchanges of kisses. Just hope I can remember the finer nuances of our daily lives, the fun times we will share, and the many adorable things you do. I may not be able to bring back all those special times with you,  but I can hold the beauty of these moments in my heart forever.

You are most definitely not a baby anymore. And that fact brings tears to my eyes. You may be a big boy now. But you will always be my baby.

As we celebrate this day, dada and I would like to give you the greatest gift a little child could ever ask for.  Few more days and we will have the opportunity of togetherness.

All praises and glory to God.

Happiest birthday so far anak! We love you!
Love and kisses,


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