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Short trip to NZ

Finally, this long overdue plan already came to reality. It may seem short but we still had a pleasant few days of strolling around New Zealand. Though the visa application was “a little bit” complicated. Not bad actually because it was approved in 3 days time. But it would have been easier if we could have given a “proper” passport sized photo. If you are planning to  visit NZ, I highly suggest that you check here for the acceptable photos, and be sure to read their website for the necessary documents.

At that time, Ninong Rene was all set and he already got a seat for Marshall. 🙂


Ready to go! (photo grabbed from Ninong Rene)

Aug 3, 2016.

On our way to Auckland Airport. Our flight was half an hour delayed, yet we still looked very excited (especially the little man) 🙂13987328_1284506671559834_1540908416_o

We reached Ninong Rene’s house in Auckland at around 11pm.

Day 1.

Aug 4, 2016

Of course, we woke up late. (napasarap ng tulog hehe)

We didn’t plan for any itinerary. We just depended on Ninong Rene’s suggestions. haha!

Roadtrip it is!


(photo grabbed from Ninong Rene)


The weather was not that friendly but thanks to Ninong for cheering us up with this Mega Ice Cream.

2016-08-11Marshall was really enjoying his ice cream treat! 😉P8040006

We only spent few minutes in Muriwai Beach since we saw big waves and there was heavy rain.


So we ended up going back early to Ninong Rene’s place.

Later that evening, we had a sumptuous dinner at Momo Tea – Howick.13938092_10206942318983047_3420246660477798112_o

Day 2.Aug 5, 2016.

Aug 5, 2016.

Next day, the weather was better.


Hurray to rainbow!

We went to Coromandel, Peninsula.P805002614002473_1284506638226504_1800138779_oP8050019P8050025

The rain was on and off so we decided to have some lunch first.P8050030P8050039

At last, the sun is up,14012834_1284505891559912_1607104984_oP8050043

and we’re ready for a looong walk.P8050046P805004413987801_1284506748226493_1606182041_oP8050047P805004814012753_1284506004893234_1947841560_oP8050052P8050049

My photos do not really give justice to how amazing the sceneries are. Truly awesome!


photo taken by Ninong Rene


The way has some ups downs so better bring some drinking water and sunscreen too.

After 45 minutes (or more), finally, we reached the Cathedral Cove.

Stunning view it is!13977777_1284506118226556_1144165727_o

This is one of the location filmed in The Chronicles of Narnia.P805007214012783_1284506771559824_1704084803_oP8050074P8050073P805007713950859_1284506811559820_828738288_oP805007613987224_1284506744893160_2008702498_o

Day 3. August 6, 2016

Having breakfast before going to Snowy Mountain.P8060092P8060094

It was a long drive.P8050013 copy

But the view of this countryside makes it all worth it. 

Stop over for toilet break.P8060110

After about 8 hours drive, we arrived at Mt Ruapehu.

Yey! Our first real snow adventure! :))P806011214012935_1284506558226512_1676146244_o2016-08-11614002580_1284506561559845_1990131218_o


Our plan of going to Snowy Mountain was canceled since there was already a heavy snow in Mt Ruapehu. P8060188

I guess everyone was just enjoying the moment 😉P8060116P8060125P8060142P8060147P8060150 P8060151 P8060152 P8060154 P8060155 P8060156 P8060159 P8060160 P8060162P8060136


Jonathan made this snowman Olaf, and Marshall does not want to let go of it!P806018213987970_1284506441559857_1483424047_o13987869_1284506458226522_1313689056_o

We spent the night at Rotorua.14002339_1284506424893192_20525627_o

Day 4.

Aug 7, 2016


P80702032016-08-111013950800_1284506051559896_1742873979_o 13950821_1284506104893224_864486395_o




13950970_1284506144893220_385939311_o P8070224

P8070218P8070225 P8070227 P8070228P8070221P80702162016-08-1112P8070251
Jetboating was super fun! Not to mention, super wet..! 🙂

We had a couple of walk at The Redwood before going back to Auckland.14012665_1284506394893195_84446770_o14012372_1284506331559868_532391513_oP8070269P8070255P8070265P8070270P8070258P8070257P807026313978120_1284506391559862_1850415338_o13918766_1284505988226569_1913080056_oP8070273We spent the last night in Auckland having Ramen for dinner at Tanpopo Howick (Japanese Noodle Restaurant).


photo grabbed from ninong Rene

Aug 8, 2016

Early morning flight back to Sydney.13920003_10206964564499171_6830515487281082069_o

Special thanks to Ninong Rene for this wonderful trip. Til’ next time. 🙂13978127_1284506171559884_1881236720_oYay to more family travel! :))



Blue Mountains 2017

July 3, 2016

Blue Mountains, NSW.

It was an early morning stroll.13616262_1255813494429152_1869723096_oWe first took a bus from our place going to the city (Central Station).

From there we took the train going to Katoomba Station.13570092_1255813531095815_621673008_o(Buti walang sumpong si Marshall kasi maaga nagising, hehe)13570220_1255813521095816_555295253_o13621419_1255813551095813_269297280_oLuckily, it only took about 2 hours for us to reach there.13621339_1255813544429147_1808859250_oFrom Katoomba Station, we rode a bus about 15-20mins away from our destination. Hurray!13595681_1255813431095825_650927730_nwith Tito Wiljay, Tita Malou, and Tita Blanche
13608240_1255813421095826_1167528118_n13599732_1255813457762489_1031988549_n13607811_1255813417762493_1472659464_nAlthough there was no snow, it was still cold since the temperature is 3 degrees.
13599666_1255813424429159_1641445759_n 13579913_1255813567762478_954773638_oIt’s called Blue mountains because basically, it looks blue. 🙂

They are clad in vast forests of eucalypts (commonly called gum trees), which in the hot sun discharge a fine mist of eucalyptus oil from their leaves. The mist refracts light, which makes the haze look blue at a distance.– http://www.sydney.visitorsbureau.com.au/regions/blue-mountains.html
13595712_1255813427762492_934596901_n13624662_1255813464429155_998279894_nWe walked and took photos around the area for about 20 minutes. There’s no entrance fee, by the way.
13588739_1255813564429145_997281524_oThe 3 big stones you can see in the photo are called “The Three Sisters”. Legend says that these were actually 3 ladies who fell in love with 3 men but the tribal law forbids them to marry. A spell cast upon them and turn them into rocks. See story here.

After some time, we went to Scenic World which is just a few minutes away from the Blue Mountains.13618216_1255813437762491_925806375_n13608007_1255813444429157_962389178_nThis time, we paid for ticket that includes unlimited rides to Scenic Railway, Cableway, Skyway, and Walkway. 39aud for each adult and $21aud for children aged 4-13. Yey! Marshall is still free since he’s just 2 1/2 years old. Check out price here.

13617513_1255813467762488_48214484_n13617374_1255813461095822_901614738_nWe were thrilled at the Scenic Railway because of its so-called “cliffhanger” adventure.

Here’s a short clip of our cableway and railway experience.

After eating late lunch and early dinner, we rode the train again going back home.13570326_1255813581095810_1712277345_oIt was a whole day of fun for all of us 🙂

*some photos grabbed from Tito Wiljay :))


My baby’s 1st winter

Winter has already started earlier this June. When we came back here last March, the temperature was already cold like having a centralized aircon. Unlike the first time we went here in January, the temperature that time reached to 40 deg Celsius

This is our first winter! Yey!

We didn’t bring any winter clothes so we bought some for Marshall.

Luckily, there was a 50% sale from online shopping at Pumpkin Patch so we shopped for him. There were a lot of cute baby and big boys/girls winter clothes but we just bought a few. IMG_0036

It only took 3 days for me to receive the delivery.

He then tried on the jackets and here he is. 🙂

The fabrics are thick yet very comfortable.


On the other hand, the boots were bought from gumtree. The item was still in mint condition and we actually got it from a Filipino seller. When he learned that we just moved here in Sydney, he and his wife gave away several toys for Mashall, in addition to some cleaning appliances.

Though at times we heard a lot of unpleasant experiences of our fellowmen , dada and I feel really blessed that we are able to meet some of these people that despite the fact that they have gone so far, you can still feel their unbelievable generosity and genuineness especially to individuals like us who are still on the process of stabilizing ourselves in this new environment. And that is one of the values we would want Marshall to learn and adapt until he has his own identity.

Here’s our short video for his first winter modelling 😉

To ensure he would have a good rest this winter, (and other seasons as well), I’ll set up a comfortable sleeping mattress for him. You may check out Kokopax baby mattress. 🙂