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Car race-themed party (Marshall @ 1)

This was Marshall’s 1st birthday celebration last November 08, 2014. He’s actually 3 years and 5 months now. Haha! I know, I know! This is a very long overdue post and finally, I was able to squeeze in some time to check our almost full hard drive and upload these photos here. As a matter of fact, I still have a bunch of photos that are still waiting to be synced, so please bear with the busy mom.

It was more than 2 years ago, hence, it seems as though it was just a couple of weeks back. Oh.. time really flies… I can still remember the open letter I wrote to him.

Back in 2014, Dada and I were both working in Singapore while Marshall was in the Philippines. These were those moments which we were still separated by distance and it was truly heartbreaking. His first birthday, unfortunately, fell on a weekday (Friday) and sadly I wasn’t granted a leave so we were left with no other choice but to celebrate it on a Saturday instead. Dada and I went back to Philippines and stayed there for 36 hours then flew back to Singapore thereafter. Imagine that!

Because of this time constraint, we planned for a hassle free celebration and glad that we found a great deal from Max’s. We’ve been eyeing their package initially when Marshall had his Baptismal but we changed our plans that time. So for his 1st year, we decided to go ahead with their package.

I’m so lucky to have a very hands on sister in law, Tetet, as she helped us survey a location and speak to the staff for all our requests, on behalf of Dada and I.10644785_10203173435239692_307151491750818619_o10275502_10203174368143014_6521555201716587438_o

Max’s have various theme package but of course, we chose the racer package and requested for black, red, and white balloons. We opted for Kids B for 20 kids.

They already provided the birthday tarpaulin.1557224_10203173436879733_5887282897305321549_o

But still, we also brought ours. The Staff helped us placed it in a corner so we can use it as a photo booth area. 10428303_10203174365462947_3797264622420647413_o

We also carried with us our own party accessories and decors which we purchased in Divi. 🙂10655445_10203174358422771_4496547469317036829_o1490810_10203174396103713_3906649657393534971_o10750072_10203174362022861_8687483104451785445_o10688388_10203174363582900_6888627943292750631_o10355567_10203174364462922_3075067404787588601_o

The kids were provided with their own kiddie chairs and tables.10629395_10203173440919834_6162271164036744479_o
and were given name tags and party hats.10750479_10203173444639927_1191208135867717648_o

Games and prizes were included. Pulot ng coins! 😉1957687_10203173449200041_4906022614798197521_o

Marshall was also searching for one.10273208_10203173449720054_1670499954048489688_oAnd he was able to pick one! 🙂10486154_10203173450720079_7613041812920636201_o10484167_10203174370623076_3094801574300687873_o10371168_10203174368863032_3028382885672673901_o

Of course, there was a game for the bigger kids too! 🙂marshall@151401195_10203173456360220_8569084290019262024_o

I guess they enjoyed the game more than the kids! hehe!10750449_10203174377983260_5812775022354524865_o

When the game was done, the food were all served. 10682192_10203173443159890_8175801013522438163_o

We decided to take Menu 2 for 50 persons. 10515140_10203173439919809_8447658964662132523_o10295106_10203174384343419_8035945231624792671_o

Honestly, I wasn’t able to eat well cause I was busy with Marshall and was tied up with chikahan. But the guests seemed to be pleased with the meal, so thumbs up!10517647_10203173439479798_8578861755482725642_o10380615_10203174395503698_5069166112119185075_o1273936_10203174387183490_360831263010404219_o

And the kids enjoyed their food as well.10623993_10203173434839682_2652185561208272301_o10661632_10203173459080288_2533644395716390483_o10714467_10203173459360295_4136153864468773785_o1401670_10203173460360320_8389824430558728441_oAnd Marshall loved it too!905848_10203173460800331_7596869175865718646_o10486154_10203173453760155_3792308216585230337_o10486154_10203173454200166_2020694772146188736_o1966033_10203173451600101_7693519659653754426_o

After the meal, Chickie boy came!10547782_10203173461000336_1519552520673498367_o

I guess Marshall was surprised with the mascot!10712583_10203173461800356_201560856801112242_o1891441_10203174397223741_2327987287086693585_o10733847_10203174398063762_2868567935671195548_o10712678_10203173462360370_2131498933971856898_o

After some time, we then sang a happy birthday song for marshall while blowing his cake.10712625_10203173443839907_1867566826061563579_o

This cake was included in the package.10608380_10203174372863132_4079488962765538469_o-1024x768a10620290_10203174400023811_7407307507103152600_o10733382_10203174402183865_8222652715254855907_o10749942_10203174402743879_3265129018393192983_o

Then, the Birthday Cake Smash.10275609_10203174412504123_6412616755094712029_o

We let him smash the cake just a bit kasi sayang! Actually, he only took the car toy! hehe! And we brought home the cake.10714175_10203174412824131_6602853351939510415_o

Anyway, we brought our own cupcakes for everyone to eat. We ordered from one of our friend who had some baking business. Mas mura compared to other cupcakes store and yet it’s tasteful. The Staff allowed us to set up a mini candy bar. We were lucky that they didn’t ask for additional payment. Sweets were brought by my other sister in law, Ate Leah. We placed car accessories labels.a10679724_10203174372423121_1733151793799540683_o-1024x768

Chocolate and red velvet cupcakes.a10634087_10203173442879883_7328217921388482225_o-1024x683

After that, we gave our big surprise for the birthday boy!marshall@1410608543_10203174406863982_5687731335470962854_o10620205_10203174409624051_4401784378112536513_o10255642_10203173463920409_6367107238805886586_o

Overall, we had fun during that big day! Big thanks to Max’s staff and crew for all the help during the event. And of course, this wouldn’t be possible without our families and friends who celebrated with us.

To God be the glory! 🙂10472823_10203174388143514_9067647677494741764_o10623752_10203174393463647_8113582119360259378_o10679703_10203174420224316_326299062109970241_o1799140_10203174416184215_8186557964866307467_o10694279_10203174419184290_7237109038164660143_o10697151_10203174428544524_3583938815598458013_o10712490_10203174365502948_3268613725643263272_o10714231_10203174421384345_1656822057880203206_o1399716_10203174389463547_7397307208102819723_o1495150_10203174414184165_7629887660721066708_omarshall@131553060_10203174380743329_1702443684886884480_o1399716_10203174389463547_7397307208102819723_o1658187_10203174385423446_8323160205830475647_o1008685_10203174391063587_5636180836527516549_o1599328_10203174423264392_5242361378209956611_o1553414_10203174425864457_6765511443556048942_oThat night we all went to sleep late as we were busy opening all his gifts.marshall11

The next morning we had a feast again before flying back to Singapore. Nothing beats a simple boodle fight with the family 😉IMG_0088

It was indeed a memorable first birthday! 😉 Thank you God for this blessing! 🙂


a letter to my 1 year old son

My dearest Marshall,

As I write this, I will try my hardest not to cry at the thought of not celebrating today’s special day with you.

Watching you on an iPad screen, staring at me closely, while I greet you a happy 1st birthday is very heart-breaking for me.10749087_864253276918511_642364203_nI wonder what runs on your beautiful mind baby..

Perhaps, just looking at your bright eyes and giving me that genuine smile is like telling me,
“It’s okay mom.. I understand.” (and now I am teary-eyed)10728806_864253280251844_659765229_nIt has been exactly 365 days of happiness for the entire family since God brought you into this world. And every single day, we glorify Him for that.

It is still fresh on my mind how I used to carry you on my tummy for 39 weeks..SONY DSCand how excited your dad was when IMG_3414 (2)By the time you read this, can you still remember what life looked like before you turned as who you are now? Probably not, but how I wish you would cherish every moment we shared together. Even from a distance.

Talking about distance, I remember the day when dad and I had to go back here in Singapore.

It was a New Years’s Day yet we need to leave for work.

And that was one tough decision for us.

Luckily, your dad and I were so much blessed that God chose us to be with the best family members. Despite longinquity, we know you are always in the hands of loving people.

Remember those sleepless nights of Nanay though she still got to work?10743342_10203387031650083_47452815_n

And  the eagerness of Tatay to teach you how to drive,10681754_841720949171744_21873707_n

the laughter and giggles you shared with Tita Tetet,1552818_10201613999525388_1957765851_n

the sweetness of Tito Mac when he carried you for the first time,10412021_771219909636305_8909364680393716027_n

the thoughtfulness of Tita Leah to constantly give you little something..10646624_771220049636291_4862311440136878756_n

How bout the times you hold Papa’s hand to guide you climb the stairs,2014-10-25

or Mama’s lullabies to let you fall asleep,10726582_864268066917032_1231898893_n

the effort of Tita Belbel to capture your every important growing up details,feb 14 (d)

and the patience of Tito Itoy to look after your kakulitan..10743598_864264390250733_1314236716_n

When you grow old, think about all these important people and please always be grateful to them. For you will never be the same person you are now without their enormous help.

You had your first cry,

your first smile,

first crawl,

first step,

first teeth,

and a lot more.

Anak, we may not be there in every first of your life, and we admit that we have missed some of your precious milestones.

It might be too early for you to comprehend the things that are happening for now, but in time you will.

It’s very difficult for us being far away from you but just seeing that adorable face makes it all worth it.IMG_8620

 Anak, please understand that we will not buy everything you want.

But we will try to give you anything you need.

As of the moment, dad and I are working hard to give you the best future you can have.

Just keep holding on and stay strong baby. It won’t take too long and we will be together as a family.IMG_5373

Eventually, we will have the most important valuable asset in life. Time..

 Soon you can become whoever you want to be, and do whatever you want to do.

Soon you’ll become taller, and bigger, and smarter.

I hope I can still have as many hugs and kisses I am having from you now

Time flies so fast and the thought of you being out of this world alone,

finding yourself,

chasing your dreams,

and making your own destiny frightens me.

Though at the same time, I am anticipating you becoming an amazing and dynamic individual.

Tomorrow morning, we will fly back to the Philippines, then come back to Singapore on Sunday.

It’s alright. We will have at least 36 hours to spend and celebrate your 1st year. It’s not too late, right?

 We love you more than all these words can say. Happy 1st year anak!

God bless you more..

See you tomorrow when you wake up!10748996_864276780249494_1079768037_n

Bunch of kisses and hugs,

Ina 😉