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My baby’s 1st winter

Winter has already started earlier this June. When we came back here last March, the temperature was already cold like having a centralized aircon. Unlike the first time we went here in January, the temperature that time reached to 40 deg Celsius

This is our first winter! Yey!

We didn’t bring any winter clothes so we bought some for Marshall.

Luckily, there was a 50% sale from online shopping at Pumpkin Patch so we shopped for him. There were a lot of cute baby and big boys/girls winter clothes but we just bought a few. IMG_0036

It only took 3 days for me to receive the delivery.

He then tried on the jackets and here he is. 🙂

The fabrics are thick yet very comfortable.


On the other hand, the boots were bought from gumtree. The item was still in mint condition and we actually got it from a Filipino seller. When he learned that we just moved here in Sydney, he and his wife gave away several toys for Mashall, in addition to some cleaning appliances.

Though at times we heard a lot of unpleasant experiences of our fellowmen , dada and I feel really blessed that we are able to meet some of these people that despite the fact that they have gone so far, you can still feel their unbelievable generosity and genuineness especially to individuals like us who are still on the process of stabilizing ourselves in this new environment. And that is one of the values we would want Marshall to learn and adapt until he has his own identity.

Here’s our short video for his first winter modelling 😉

To ensure he would have a good rest this winter, (and other seasons as well), I’ll set up a comfortable sleeping mattress for him. You may check out Kokopax baby mattress. 🙂


oh boy..s!

I was in the kitchen cleaning the baby bottles and suddenly I heard a loud cry.

It was, Marshall.
Oh no! You might have fallen off the floor!
I quickly ran to the room to find out what happened and there he was, still crying.
Marshall was with Mama and Jayson, my brother. I asked what happened and my mom said Marshall accidentally bumped his face on the corner of the bed. When I saw his face, his right cheek was reddish and yes, the corner of the bed left a slight mark on his puffy cheek.
And there was a sudden increase in my tone of voice while talking to my mom. And my mom said, “kasama yan sa paglake..” and my brother said “wala namang sugat eh” and then I realized I’m over reacting and I calm down.
I grabbed some ice and placed it on my son’s cheek while I embraced him. He then smiled.
After few minutes, I went back to the kitchen to finish cleaning the bottles. I still haven’t moved on from the scratch on my son’s face. and then there was a moment remembering my brother when he was about same age with Marshall. He accidentally broke the plate. Next thing we knew there was gush of blood on the floor, and of course on his hands.. and then I imagine my husbands’ childhood stories of how his back was burnt from falling into the boiling water, his finger injuries from knife, head injury from falling the tree, and how he almost got killed crossing the street.
Oh, boys… I wouldn’t want to imagine how many time Marshall would bump his head on the wall, or on the floor, or how may bruises or scratches he might have from all the kalikutans.
I know I cannot control the possible accidents or sickness he might have. and I might not be on his side everywhere he goes, but I know that every hurdle he would encounter will be of great help for him to become a better individual.

365 days of happiness

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ready to go baby!

November 08, 2013

Yey! After 24 hours, we already went home! Glad that everything was well after your delivery. And here you are ready to go home! 🙂

But first, let’s get some snap!ROD_5831



There you are wearing a very adorable baby clothes from Fisher Price which was a gift from your Ninang Gerlyn. The cloth was soft and the color looks very cheerful 🙂2014-09-02

Nanay was super excited to hold you for the first time! 🙂ROD_5766


And Tita Tetet..1394296_611180598946717_1147939685_n

And Tita Leah too! ROD_5833



Everyone was just so happy to see you, Marshall! 🙂


daddy’s trick or treat surprise

November 01, 2013

Dada went back to Philippines to surprise me.


We had a late dinner at Max’s Restaurant nearby our house in Dasma.1397153_541400335951598_813739499_o

Dada was actually hoping you’ll come soon during the days he was on the Philippines.

He then went back to Singapore on November 04, but you came 3 days after. 🙂


Hello world!

Layout in progress.. will launch soon!!! 🙂