Hello everyone!

This is an open website created especially for our dearest son, Marshall.

As parents, we’re not sure if we can still remember all and every bit of our child’s (and hopefully children’s) stories, as time goes by.

I and my husband Rod, came up with this idea of creating this open website.

We’ll be glad to share with you here, our family’s memories including various kid’s activities, parenting adventures (and misadventures), escapades, or just our simple stories. The narratives may not be in order but there are dates indicated for a particular event.

We wouldn’t know when will be the perfect time for him to read this, so for you guys who would have a chance to come across this before him, kindly give him the privilege of discovering his adventures, by himself.

Thank you and enjoy!


Photos and videos are either captured by mommy and dada, or taken by family and friends.

Anak, this will be a loooong reading and you might be overwhelmed, but we promise, it will all be worth it! Take your time to discover every detail of your escapades.

We love you
enjoy! (hihi..)


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