Mom’s Birthday Wish

Hi Marshall,

Tonight seemed one of the usual nights when you make lambing, kissing my face and lying down on my back.

Dada’s on night shift and you wanted to lie down beside me despite having your own bed.

“Dada at work and you don’t have someone beside you. I want to lie down with you”, you said.

Of course, I agreed and smiled.

You were lying beside me facing me and all of a sudden, “Happy birthday Mami, happy birthday Mami, happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday mami” you were singing so joyfully while looking into my eyes.

And then you asked me, “What’s your wish mom?”

I paused in awe thinking how did you grow up so fast and now asking me what do i want. I was teary eyed. I felt very blessed to have at least one person that I know would really care of what I want and what I feel.

You are certainly the sweetest, Marshall.

.. And then I answerd “You and dada are my forever wish. A happy..”

you quickly shouted, “FAMILY”

I love you.



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