First goodbye

 January 01, 2014


It was the eve of New Year’s Day. We had a simple gathering. It was tough for your dad and me to leave you in the Philippines. We had to go back to Singapore for work reasons. On the way to airport, I already started crying.  It wasn’t easy for me to let go as I was used to taking care of you, waking up in the middle of the night to breastfed, checking your diapers, or just simply stare at your angelic face. But we need to be strong enough baby. We are working now to settle for a good future. And we know that you will be in the hands of very loving people. Nanay, Tatay, Mama, Papa, Tita Belbel, Tita Tetet, Tito Itoy, will always be there to look after you. We always love you anak.


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