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Marshall, the fire patrol (Open day fire and rescue 2016)

May 21, 2016

It was unfortunate that we miss the Annual Open day of Fire and Rescueat our local fire station last May 20 this year. To be frank, I forgot to keep track of it. Silly mommy… hehe.. 

But anyway, we had the chance to participate in last year’s open day. The event started with giving away souvenirs such as the fire patrol hat and red balloons indicating the Emergency Number which is 000.IMG_0178There was also a talk and demonstration from the firemen about fire safety at home.

Here’s Marshall’s photo seriously watching. hehe..IMG_0182 (1)


Children were allowed to get inside the fire truck which they use for fire and other emergencies.UXHN6555

The firefighters were very friendly and accommodating.IMG_0208

They also gave a chance to use and inspect some of the firefighter’s equipment.IMG_0204

Children made themselves busy by chalk drawing.IMG_0210 IMG_0213IMG_0216It was indeed a pleasant and informative day. 😉
Check out our video 😉


Easter Hat Parade 2017

April 13, 2017

Hurray for another milestone! It was Marshall’s first time to spend an easter together with other kids at his age.

He was proudly wearing our DIY Angy Bird Easter Hat.18596542_1633058950037936_1427076072_o

He’s sitting with his playmates waiting to be called for their easter performance.



Marshall all smiles seeing the easter bunny 😉


Check out their Easter dance 😉


my baby is no longer a baby

One of the most important milestones of a child (and parents too) is being toilet trained. There is no definite age to start a child’s potty training. It can start as early as 18 months, or maybe around 3-4 years, or later than that.

Initially, we started training Marshall just before he turned 2. Back then, with the help of my mom and mom in law, we would wean him on his nappy when he’s at home. We also bought him potty chair, and toddler seat cover.  But it was not successful. He was not yet able to hold his pee and he would wet his pants most of the time and whichever place you can think of.

That time, we decided to put him back again on nappies. When I finally left work for good, I wanted to start training him again. But in preparation for our transfer to another country, we were not at home most of the time, so I thought of delaying it.

Same thing when we went back to Philippines before coming in Sydney, I could not start training him for the reason that we travel most of the time. Then I made a plan to probably do it once we arrived in Sydney. When we came here, the plan did not turn out as it should be thinking that it wouldn’t be a good thing to mess around the house we were renting at that time.


After a month, Dada was assigned back to Singapore. Again we travelled with him, and so it was postponed. After a month we came back in Sydney. This time, I didn’t rush on things. I just allowed Marshall to take his time using nappy. Until May this year, I decided we need to start training him. If not now, then when? So slowly we took off his nappy when we’re at home. At the start, I reminded him to pee every 30mins. I would set an alarm so I will be reminded as well.

Marshall first learned to poop in the toilet. We were actually surprised hearing him call us that he’s done and he needs help to wash. As a matter of fact, he just had one pooping accident on the floor and that was during the first trial of toilet training when we were still in Singapore. Other than that, we are still lucky enough.

But it’s a different story when it comes to peeing. There were times that he does not want to pee even after few consecutive alarms. But after few minutes he would wet his shorts. Consistently, I and Rod still reminded him to go and pee.

Until one day before going out, I was surprised that he was wearing his shorts by himself. I told him he forgot to wear his nappy. Cause usually he would wear his nappy and clothes by himself.

This time, he replied, “I don’t want (to) wear diaper.” I’m not a baby.

I was hesitant in my mind, But I trusted him.

I replied “wow, you’re a big boy na! Ok, you will tell mami or dada if you wanna go to toilet ok. Kasi if you “wiwi” in your shorts you’ll be wet and then the floor outside will also be wet.”

“Ok mom”, he answered.

When we arrived at the mall, I reminded him to pee first. Cause I was worried he has already the urge. He politely obliged. Then we roam around, and after few hours, he was the one who told me to go to toilet to pee. We then went home and it was the first day of success. That night he still refused to wear nappy during sleep. Again I was hesitant at first, but I trusted him again. I just thought to myself, If ever he wet the bed, it’s alright, at least he tried. The next morning, I was surprised that he had really controlled his urine.

It has been a month and he is officially out of nappies. Yey goodbye diaper! goodbye Huggies! Although we were very thankful that Marshall never had a nappy rash when he was using Huggies. He was very comfortable with it for the past 2 years.

Things I’ve learned in this toilet training process:

-Don’t rush things.

Kids know when they’re ready, and we (moms and dads) need to catch that moment.


I am thankful that Dada helped me with this process. He would also remind Marshall especially those times I missed the alarm. Toilet training is not just for the kids. It also creates bonding within the family while cheering up on your child’s progress. And we are also very thankful to have wonderful housemates that understand the mess of our training process.

-Be patient.

Of course, there will be a lot of accidents. He will pee in every place you can think of. And you would have to clean and wipe not just once or twice, and you don’t need to count. That’s gonna be included in the process. Every one of us has been on this stage. And we just have to give encouragement to our child that eventually, he can do it. You can actually ask him/her to help with the cleaning so he will be aware and be more mindful the next time.

For additional protection especially during bedtime, I placed under pads under the bedsheet so as not to wet the mattress itself.


There were times that when Marshall wet his pants, I also blame myself because I probably forgot to remind him. What I did was to set an alarm, initially every 30 minutes, if he did not pee within that 30 minutes, I snoozed it. Until he peed, then I set the alarm again. Slowly progress to hourly, 2 hourly, and so on, and eventually he will have the control of it. I also downloaded some toilet training apps that have a record page that he can refer to and he’d be eager to look at it every time he gets to pee on the toilet.

-Trust your child.

Parents (especially moms) think too much. I myself is an overthinker. But give your trust to your child and he would be happy to see that you believe in him/her. One day, you’ll be surprised, he did it. You did it! 🙂


tobringtogether on Youtube!

Back when we started this site last 2014, we just wanted to have an open site for Marshall’s reference of our stories as family before we get older and forget all the important moments.

It was end of last year when it crossed my mind the concept of making videos with regards to Marshall’s activities. And eventually I and Rod, came up to an idea of putting up a Youtube channel.

Well, it’s Marshall’s Youtube channel actually.

We are very pleased to the Lord for giving us this kind of blessing and we are habitually praying for His continuos guidance.

We made this not to gain likes, (or dislikes) but to share our routine and adventure besides the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

This aims primarily to inspire parents as well as kids especially in this very techie world.

Suggestions and more ideas are very much welcome. We are a first time parents and are still on the process of recognising the significant activities that would benefit our son.
At the same time, making sure he’s having the most enjoyable time with us, as family.
We can never bring back the past, but at least we know, we are sharing the best memories of his childhood.
After all, kids are gonna be kids and seeing them happy is the best feeling a parent can have.
Come and let’s learn and have fun all together.
This is tobringtogether.


first roll over

February 06, 2014

feb 7

You already rolled over by yourself on your 3rd month. Good job anak!



first flight

FEB 18, 2014

Manila to Singapore

We were very excited because it was our first flight together as family, aside from our first flight during my pregnancy.


You were very well-behaved that you almost slept the whole flight.

feb18 marshall collage

feb 18 family collage

Mama and Tita Belbel were with us. It was Mama’s first flight as well. 🙂


feb 18 (c)

Thank God, we arrived safely.


first Christmas and New Year

 December 24, 2013


We wanted to buy a Christmas costume for you but you were already too cute just wearing a Christmas hat. 🙂

At least we can save the amount to buy you more milk anak. hihi..


It was the morning of December 24 and we were on our way out to fetch ama at the airport. He did come home from Singapore to celebrate our first Christmas together.


 We celebrated our Christmas in Makati with the rest of the Ubongen family.











We were opening your Christmas gifts.



December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas! But remember anak that Christmas is not just for parties and gifts, but it’s a celebration for the birth of our Jesus Christ.


December 31, 2013


And then we went to Dasma to celebrate New Year’s Day.




  Not so much people on this gathering. It was just an intimate New Year’s Day celebration with the family because we were also preparing to go back to Singapore on this day.


Ama and I were quite sad because we have to leave for work, but we know you are a strong boy and you’d understand. Happy 2013! 🙂



Welcome to the Christian World!

December 28, 2013

After more than a month, Dada and I decided for you to be baptized.

We did not print the invitations. Instead sent these through email and facebook. hehe.


Remember! These are the lists of your Ninongs and Ninangs! 🙂




The church is San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish, in Summerwind Village, Dasmariñas, Cavite.


































After the solemn baptismal, we went straight to the reception. Guess where?

A basketball court! hehe! Cause why not? We’re frugal! 😉

We actually planned to have the reception at Max’s restaurant which is just a few kilometers away from our house here in Dasma. But the time is limited only for 2-3 hours so we’re thinking might as well rent the basketball court which is just a street away from our house. At least we have all the time to eat and spend unlimited hours of catching up with our friends.

We arranged catering service from La Ysla caterings. The whole package was awesome and the food tasted great! You may check them out on fb: La Ysla Caterings


These were DIY souvenirs made by Tita Leah.

Cake and cupcakes were ordered from Goldilocks.





















After the christening, we opened your gifts which were toys, clothes, and some other baby products. Welcome to the Christian World Marshall! 🙂




First bath

November 14, 2013

You were 1 week old then when you had your first bath, anak.

Mama Mila and Tita Belbel were there to help and assist me.


Unlike other babies, you weren’t scared of water and you were just very calm and quiet.


Weeh! Smells good! 🙂