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DIY Angry Bird Easter Hat

3PicMonkey Collage

This coming Thursday, April 13, Marshall will have his first Easter hat parade at school. Parents are encouraged to work with the kids to create their own easter bonnet or hat. Hurray to DIY! …and to our old surprise eggs! Since we also have Angry Birds eggs, we decided that we should go for an Angry Birds Theme.

These are the materials:

*old surprise eggs

*glue gun (with glue stick, of course)– parental guidance is a must 😉

*small pompoms

*felt cloth (black, white, green — to go with our theme)

*pair of scissors — again, parental guidance is a must 😉

*felt hat (which we bought from K mart.. It was actually a frog felt hat, so we just made some changes to make it an angry bird piggy.)a17901914_1579111138766051_336647658_o

First, we cut out a green oval to form a nose of the angry bird piggy.a17887261_1579110938766071_205992765_o

and stuck two tiny black felt for the nostrils. a17887290_1579111085432723_1812554791_o

Then, we also cut out two round white felt and stuck tiny black felt on both to form a pair of eyes.a17858331_1579110928766072_2005372349_o

After that, we prepared piggy eyebrows using a cut out black felt cloth.a17902078_1579111055432726_1908172766_o

This is how it looks after sticking them on the felt hat using a glue gun. Thereafter, we glued the egg surprise on top of the hat.a17858626_1579110905432741_935146019_o

I made a grass out of the green felt then glued around the felt hat.a17859010_1579111005432731_1070096948_o

Lastly, we added yellow pompoms on the grass tips.a17902200_1579111178766047_1731065193_o

Tadaa! :))a17838734_1579110972099401_77178058_o

In total, we only spent $2 for the felt hat since we already have our supplies from our not-so-quiet books. And we made this easter hat in just 15 minutes. It’s that simple! 😉a17858234_1579110808766084_955311525_o

Yey! Ready for the Easter Hat Parade! 😉a17858298_1579110988766066_1391411543_o

I bet you can also do your own easter hat using old stuff!

Here’s a short video of our DIY Angry Birds Easter Hat. Happy Easter everyone! :))


Zoo-themed party! (Marshall @ 2)

November 07, 2015 was Marshall’s 2nd birthday. And yes, again this was a super late entry considering that was a year and a half ago. Anyway, he’s birthday at that time fell on a weekend, and thankfully, he was with us in Singapore! Hurray! Nevertheless, I still did an open letter for him 😉

Considering it’s a foreign country, we knew that it would cost a leg and an arm to throw a kiddie birthday party unless we would be frugal enough to just celebrate it at home. On the other hand, we will be leaving Singapore at that time, for good, so might as well consider it as a despedida too.

We surveyed and researched various venues to held the event and then we figured out that there’s no better place to paint the town red other than he’s favorite playhouse which is Happy Willow.

Upon checking their packages, we opted for the standard pixie and fun party. It wasn’t that costly so we called to book right away and we were lucky enough to get the exact day we wanted which is his actual birthday. We were also blessed that we met one of the staff there, Majoy, who is also a Filipino. She was very accommodating and tried to grant all our requests for the party. The package includes 2 hours use of the party room, party balloons for all children, free flow of Ice Water for kids, customized email invites and cards for guests. But she actually handed over hard copies of the invites. yey!


and what’s super cool is the Unlimited Playtime Fun in the play garden. It was also nice to know that her sister, Hazel, has a catering business, Kitchen Therapy, so we also got the contact from her to order our food and our cake. Right there and then we already hit two stones at a time.

We wanted a zoo themed party but not to the extent of spending too much. Hence, we decided to do some DIY decorations, props, and souvenirs.

We printed some images and letterings for the decors.IMG_5453

Dada and I were both hands on with the preparation.IMG_5574

Even Marshall was also lending a hand. Good job! 😉IMG_5445Remember these souvenirs from Marshall’s christening? There were few more left, so we decided to just change the photo and give it as a souvenir. 😉

We cut out animal images and stapled it on brown bags to make it our loot bags. Yey to DIY!

Since the venue is a play house, there were already some decors, but we added some more animal printed banderitas that we cut out.P1011686PB071764P1011687

Busyng-busy ang mommy 🙂P1011692

We also provided socks for the guests, and of course, it was animal printed. Remember these photo accessories? These were the same accessories we used on Marshall’s 1st birthdayIMG_5672IMG_5671P1011700

The food were sumptuous! 😉PB071713

We bought animal-shaped paper plates, party hats, and tissue for the kids to make it more fun! 😉 IMG_5675IMG_5676

Marshmallows that we also decorated by putting a toothpick with a giraffe image. 😉


Our DIY loot bags 😉IMG_5679IMG_5680

This is actually a yema cake from Kitchen Therapy. Lovely! 😉

Chocolate cupcakes also from Kitchen Therapy! It’s so cute right? 😉IMG_5683IMG_5685

Feeling may birthday! 😉PB071706

Marshall with Nanay 😉PB071766PB071796 PB071800 PB071805 PB071813 PB071818PB071770 PB071774 PB071776 PB071785IMG_5690PB071881 PB071885

We didn’t prepare for a program. It was just a free and fun event for everyone!PB071823 PB071830 PB071838 PB071839 PB071890IMG_5720PB071709IMG_5698 IMG_5699 IMG_5703 IMG_5707 IMG_5710PB071718PB071721


I guess everyone we’re tickled pink! Thank God for this blessing! 🙂



#2 not-so-quiet book (NUMBERS)

This is our second not-so-quiet-book.
Same as our 1st book, it is hand sewn, which I did it myself, designed for kids ages 2 and older. It is a great educational toy that stimulates children’s imagination and encourages active learning through play. This book is perfect when traveling, waiting, or just simply to keep your kid busy. It is also a good tool to establish your kid’s patience. 😉
This book will definitely give your kid unlimited learning, such as:
– counting numbers and reading words
– learn different colors
– enhances gross and fine motor skills
Here are the pages:

page 1

Numbers can be taken out and snap again on the velcro.

page 2

page 3

Play with the cars like driving up and down while counting.

page 4

Play this page like abacus, counting the beads one by one.

page 5

Open each “room” and you can see different eyed-monsters .page 6


page 6

page 7

Apple picking. Pick apple/apples depending on the number indicated on each basket.

page 8


Materials used: felt, cotton, beads, buttons, ribbons, hot glue, velcro, wiggly eyes,
Important note: The book includes small loose parts and parental guidance is a must at all times.
You can also check out our other not-so-quiet books  as well as the A-Z activities.
Here’s a video of Marshall playing and at the same time studying his numbers 🙂


2017 Christmas in Oz preparation

This will be our first Christmas here in Australia. As much as we want to celebrate Christmas back home (Philippines), our air ticket budget was already used up on our holiday last October.

Nevertheless, there’s no reason not to celebrate this special occasion.

Speaking of budget, we wanted to have a  joyful yet not too expensive celebration. So this year, we decided to do some diys.

First is our Christmas wreath.

We used a round plastic and covered it with green felt paper. I still have quite a number of felt papers from doing Marshall’s quiet book. So rather than keeping it in the storage, why not use it.


Here’s Marshall helping me out. He actually felt the glue gun was hot so he was extra careful.15631181_1419734901370343_103952970_o


Here it is :))15659012_1419731728037327_2141746072_o

Christmas is a time for giving. “Sharing is caring” as he would always say. We want Marshall to practice the act of kindness so I asked him to help out with the packing of some chocolate goodies. Turns out he ate some of it. haha!



These are what’s inside a goody. It’s not much but it”s the thought that counts 😉15658932_1419724054704761_31843839_o

Made a few for Marshall’s friends.

Dada and I also decided to give a little something for our cenacle family as a gratitude for welcoming us in their group.

We bought some candles and we customized the designs.15658629_1419723938038106_2101633968_o


A closer look to each design..


santa claus 😉


snowman 😉


rudolph 😉


another rudolph 🙂

15629045_1420363447974155_1795259164_o 15657782_1420363244640842_1007140082_o 15657811_1420363247974175_183132579_o 15657960_1420363434640823_809672305_o 15658060_1420362867974213_1903032947_o 15658952_1420363634640803_1398801668_o

And here’s a video of us setting up our Christmas tree 😉


spot mami and marshall 🙂

As for Marshall’s gift, we didn’t plan anything big, just like the previous years. We don’t want him to grow up being used to receiving splendor gifts from us. We want to teach him the value of frugality and contentment on little things. So this year, dada and I decided to recycle his eggs surprise for his Christmas gift.

We placed some small toys which are also not that expensive but he’d most likely be surprise when he sees these.


Not to mention, we added some twist on its packaging. hihi!


Can’t wait to see what’s his reaction! haha! labyu! 😉


Have a Joyful Christmas and a Blessed 2017 from our family to yours! :))



#1 not-so-quiet book (SHAPES)

Hurray for our first try of not-so-quiet activity book! 
This is a lovely hand sewn item designed for kids ages 2 and older. It is a great educational toy that stimulates children’s imagination and encourages active learning through play. This book is perfect when traveling, waiting, or just simply to keep your kid busy. It is also a good tool to establish your kid’s patience. 😉
This book will definitely give your kid unlimited learning, such as:
– knowing different shapes and colors
– learn to identify items
– practice how to button and unbutton, as well as snapping buttons and velcro
– playing shape and color matching
– enhances gross and fine motor skills
Here are the pages:

page 1

Identify the different shapes and colors, and match it to the second page.

page 2

page 3

match the item on a designated shape and learn to button


page 4


page 5

same thing: match the item on a designated shape and learn to button

page 6


page 7

build a train by matching the shapes through snapping.

page 8

Materials used: felt, cotton, beads, buttons, ribbons, hot glue, snaps, velcro, wiggly eyes, yarn
Important note: The book includes small loose parts and parental guidance is a must at all times.
You can also check out some more of our not-so-quiet books as well as our A-Z activities! 😉
Here’s my video of how Marshall plays the book:


DIY Playdough

I guess almost everyone, if not all children (and adults, too) have a soft spot for clay or play dough. Aside from the fact that it brings enjoyment to kids, it has a plethora of benefits. Some of it are fine motor skill development, hand and eye coordination, artistic and imagination progress, and a considerable number of other advantages.

These are the ingredients to make your own play dough:

  • 4 cups flour
  • 1 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • food color
  • 1 cup of water

Watch our easy and messy DIY playdough video here 🙂


baby shower

September 09, 2013

Of course your parents are very frugal, so again, we decided to celebrate our baby shower.. where? at home. 🙂

It was just a simple yet fun celebration. We decorated the house. We cooked some foods. Some of our friends and colleagues were there to celebrate your upcoming arrival.IMG_2073

Yey! It’s a boy! Those are DIY decors and made use of mom’s stuff toys for additional design.

DIY souvenirs: These are Hersheys chocolates which we just covered the other letters with pen marker and left the letters “HE” just to reveal that it’s a boy!IMG_2107






We printed out some “wishes for baby” forms for our friends to fill out. IMG_2071

This was a board for suggested names. Because at this moment, we haven’t finalized your name yet. hahaIMG_2008


And everyone was so busy and having fun filling up the forms and thinking of names for you. hehehe


These were some of the names suggested for you. Unfortunately, none of them got it right! heheIMG_2138

We had a lot of gifts, and of course, mostly baby items 😉

There were baby clothes (from Fisher Price)

Some more baby clothes..2014-09-0417

Baby towel,

Complete set of baby skin products from J&J.

And of course baby bottle from AVENT.


Baby clothes again, baby shoes..


Baby rocking chair..! Wow! We were very thankful for all these gifts!


You may also check Kokopax for more baby shower gift ideas. 😉2014-09-0419

And these were the wishes for you..

Dada and I enjoyed this celebration and we feel so blessed for all the love and support from our dear friends. 😉