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O for ocean creatures

Weeh! We are already on our O week of our A-Z activities. And for this week, it’s O for ocean creatures! ;))

Last Christmas, Marshall received a Christmas package from his Ninong Jay-r. I’m not sure how he arranged for the delivery, but the thought that he made an effort considering he’s in the Philippines and we’re here in Sydney, it’s just so sweet of him! 😉


I was overwhelmed by the huge box and so I immediately wrapped it and prepared it as a Christmas present. 17571059_1562397327104099_1797890402_o

Not a single doubt, Marshall was very much excited to open it.

Tadaa! It’s a big tub of ocean creatures from Animal Planet! It includes 50 pieces of various sea creatures including sharks, whales, dolphins, starfish, coral reefs, and a lot more that will surely bring out a child’s imagination to explore the depth of the ocean.

It contains 28 ocean animals, 12 small rocks, 6 seaweeds, 2 corals, and 2 large rocks.

photo grabbed from

Thinking about the mess it would make? No worries! It comes in a clear tub with a lid and a handle so he can easily pack away the figures after he’s done playing.

photo grabbed from

Here’s a video of Marshall enjoying it while bathing 😉



M for memory/matching game

I’m just so glad that while Marshall is learning at home, I can see that he is also enjoying, a lot!

This week is play time! Well, actually most of the time is just play time for us. hihi.

We are on our ‘M’ week, and we have another add on to our A-Z activities.

We played a memory/matching game.

I was actually thinking of something that matches colors and luckily I found some colored covers of his used playdough.


After lining up and arranging the colored covers, I initially covered with cut out papers. But it was not a very good idea since I saw him already peeking. tsk tsk! hehe


So I covered those with paper cups instead. haha!


Ready to play!


Here’s our fun game together with dada. By the way, few hours from now and it’s our dada’s birthday! Happy birthday dada! Just nice to have a video of them together. Please excuse my “sinisipon voice” on the video. Nevertheless, enjoy! 🙂


L for lion

Feeding a toddler is one of the dilemmas of being a mom. I’m not sure how many can relate, but my 3-year-old son is always “mapili” when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Well, honestly, I used to be one when I was his age. hehe.

But as early as possible, I would like him to have the habit of eating healthy foods.

Last week was our L week activity, and just in time, I prepared a fun yet healthy snack for him.

Tenen.. 😉


I used bread, cut into round shape, spread some peanut butter, and surrounded it with oranges. Topped it with some banana, raisins, and strawberry. And of course cheese. He loves cheese!

It’s easy and simple.

Here’s a short video of our L week in addition to our A-Z activities. 🙂


K for king

Presenting King Marshall for our K week 🙂

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J for jellyfish

This week is J week and Marshall is doing a jellyfish art. Watch his video here 😉

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I for Icepops

Looking for some fun, easy, and healthy activity this summer? Try this home-made icepops that kids will surely love 😉

You need:

-banana, strawberry, or mixed fruits


-popsicle maker


How to make: mixed fruits with yogurt, place on a popsicle maker, freeze for 4-6 hours, and enjoy! 😉

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H for house

We’re making another art today which is H for house. This is a simple art made of colored art papers and some wiggly eyes. 

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Meanwhile, watch our video here 😉


G for gingerbread man

This week is G week and we’re gonna do one of our favorite activity together which is baking. Hurray!

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Meanwhile, watch our gingerbread man baking video here 😉


F for “family” snack

Guess what we’re making today?IMG_0119

A “family snack” for our F week.

It’s very easy to prepare and healthy for the kids, though there will be few sweets to add twist.

All you need is:

  • slices of banana
  • cheese stick
  • half slice of strawberry
  • cookie
  • some chocolate chips

You’ll be needing some knife, cutting board, and plate.

And of course with the supervision of adults.

You can choose to use any other alternatives and design as per your own creativity.

Here’s our finish product! 😉

I served it with a strawberry banana milkshake which is Marshall’s new favorite.IMG_9909

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Meanwhile, here’s our F week video. Enjoy 🙂


E for elephant

This week is E week!

As you can see in the photo, we made our own version of Elephant craft.

It’s very easy as you just need to use paper plates and some art papers.

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Here’s Marshall’s video of his elephant 🙂