baby shower

September 09, 2013

Of course your parents are very frugal, so again, we decided to celebrate our baby shower.. where? at home. 🙂

It was just a simple yet fun celebration. We decorated the house. We cooked some foods. Some of our friends and colleagues were there to celebrate your upcoming arrival.IMG_2073

Yey! It’s a boy! Those are DIY decors and made use of mom’s stuff toys for additional design.

DIY souvenirs: These are Hersheys chocolates which we just covered the other letters with pen marker and left the letters “HE” just to reveal that it’s a boy!IMG_2107






We printed out some “wishes for baby” forms for our friends to fill out. IMG_2071

This was a board for suggested names. Because at this moment, we haven’t finalized your name yet. hahaIMG_2008


And everyone was so busy and having fun filling up the forms and thinking of names for you. hehehe


These were some of the names suggested for you. Unfortunately, none of them got it right! heheIMG_2138

We had a lot of gifts, and of course, mostly baby items 😉

There were baby clothes (from Fisher Price)

Some more baby clothes..2014-09-0417

Baby towel,

Complete set of baby skin products from J&J.

And of course baby bottle from AVENT.


Baby clothes again, baby shoes..


Baby rocking chair..! Wow! We were very thankful for all these gifts!


You may also check Kokopax for more baby shower gift ideas. 😉2014-09-0419

And these were the wishes for you..

Dada and I enjoyed this celebration and we feel so blessed for all the love and support from our dear friends. 😉


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