1st year in oz

One of the days that most of us look forward to is New Year. There is something in this holiday season that people see with anticipation. It may be the food feast, or the amazing fireworks, or the repetitive promises, or probably just a simple new beginning for some.

I remember 2014 New Year was the most heartbreaking New Year for me and dada. Marshall was just almost 2 months at that time, but we had to leave back to Singapore on a New Year’s day.

Why did we choose New Year’s day? First, it’s because that was the cheapest flight. Secondly, we don’t have enough (annual) leave anymore. Imagine me literally crying in the car, airport, and plane, on a New Year’s day! And that was one of the reasons why we really planned to transfer in Australia. But at least we learned a lot from that long distance relationship and we value this family more than anything else.

Time really flies and we didn’t even notice that we were already staying here in Sydney for a year. And last year’s New Year was one of the blessed New Year we had. Almost a week after the new year’s day, we moved here in Sydney. And today is our 1st year anniversary! Weeh! :))

We definitely miss our family back home in the Phillippines and our dear friends in Singapore. Nevertheless, we are truly favored to have this opportunity to live here.

For nothing will be impossible with God. ~ Luke 1:37

Here’s our 2016 recap. Cheers to more fruitful 2017 🙂 #letsclaimthis


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